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FEATURES parsley growing

Features of growing parsley

The seeds of parsley is very tiny and completely unpretentious. They sprout even at a temperature of three degrees Celsius.

The plant hibernates under the snow, not freezes at ten degrees below zero.

But still it is necessary to observe a few simple rules when growing parsley.

Parsley likes moisture, it should be watered regularly, but the water should not be much, but the plant is sick.
To parsley seeds sprouted in unison, theirIt needs a day to soak in the water. Then lay the seeds on a wet rag on top, cover with gauze, moisten from time to time. When the seedlings appear, remove the seeds in the refrigerator for a week or two. Germination accelerates through this procedure three times. Thereafter, the seeds can be planted in the soil.
Prepare the seedbed before planting. For the parsley over the lungs of the earth suitable, well-fertilized. Enter into the soil in the autumn manure fertilizers. Spring also fertilize the soil, there is better use of superphosphate, ammonium nitrate and potassium chloride.
Sow seeds of parsley in the garden, where in the pastyear grew cucumbers, cabbage, potatoes, beets. Sown parsley can be at the end of winter and at the end of autumn. But if you decide to sow the seeds of winter, the germinate is not required. Plant seeds to a depth of no more than three centimeters. Fill the grooves with humus, lay on top of the film - this will allow the seeds to germinate faster.
Or plant parsley seeds in February in a box, andWith the onset of warm days will land them in the open ground. Parsley grown on windowsills. For this is more suitable strong roots, plant it in a pot with a light sandy soil. If you grow parsley on the windowsill, then keep in mind that in this case the plant is like a lot of light.

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