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PECULIARITIES of growing parsley


Features of growing parsley</a>

Parsley seeds are very tiny and quite unpretentious. They give seedlings even at a temperature of three degrees of heat.

The plant hibernates under snow, does not freeze at ten degrees of frost.

But all the same it is necessary to observe some simple rules at cultivation of parsley.

Parsley loves moisture, it should be watered regularly, only water should not be much, and then the plant will fall ill.
So that the parsley seeds sprout together, theirSoak in the water for a day. Then put the seeds on a wet cloth, cover them with gauze, and moisten them from time to time. When the seedlings appear, clean the seeds in the refrigerator for a week or two. Germination due to this procedure is accelerated threefold. After that, you can plant the seeds in the soil.
Prepare a planting before planting. For parsley, light earth, well-fertilized, is more suitable. Enter in the soil in the autumn manure, mineral fertilizers. In the spring, also fertilize the soil, it is better to use superphosphate, nitrate and potassium chloride.
Sow the parsley seeds on the beds, where in the pastCucumbers, cabbage, potatoes, beets grew. You can sow parsley both at the end of winter and at the end of autumn. But if you decide to sow seeds in the winter, then they do not need to germinate. Plant the seeds to a depth of not more than three centimeters. Fill the grooves with humus, lay the film on top - this will allow the seeds to germinate faster.
Or plant in February parsley seeds in a box, andWith the onset of warm days, drop them into the open ground. Parsley is grown on window sills. For this purpose, a strong root is more suitable, it will be planted in a pot with a light sandy soil. If you grow parsley on a windowsill, then consider that in this case the plant likes a lot of light.

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