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FEATURES growing broccoli

Features of growing broccoli

Broccoli - a kind of cauliflower.

This plant is fairly well known to gardeners. Fans of cabbage this culture's taste.

It is well settled down in the middle zone of our country.

This cabbage is unpretentious, its cultivation does not cause too much trouble. Broccoli favorably with cauliflower on the content of vitamins and minerals.

In the presence of amino acids in it equate it to beef and lysine as much protein in chicken eggs.

A protein which is a broccoli, is able to reduce cholesterol levels in the blood.



Broccoli can be grown seedlings and seeds. The soil is better to prepare since autumn: make organic fertilizer, lime and dig. Cabbage seedlings were seeded in the middle of March in a mixture of soil, sand, peat and humus in equal amounts. After 40-45 days, with the appearance of 5-6 leaves of the seedlings can be planted in open ground.


Between the rows of sufficient 50-60 cm betweenplants -. 40-45 cm is desirable to make the hole for half a glass of wood ash. It is important when planting plants to the soil around the bush was sealed. In loose soil they do not take root. Become established, young plants can tolerate frosts of -10 ° C.


When growing seed planting pattern stored is the same as in the method of the seedling. If the seeds are sown in rows, then it will need to thin out the seedlings.


Broccoli grows well with regular watering. Needed weeding and fertilizing. Feeding is usually produced in two weeks after planting seedlings, and after heavy rains. The soil around the plants and loosen spud.


This type of cabbage is enough resistant to many diseases and pests. To protect the plant from the summer cabbage, you can cover it with a loose lutrasilom.


We grow a lot of heads of broccoli, cauliflowers. It is important to cut them in order not to lose the presentation and taste of the original. Unlike cauliflower with broccoli crop can be removed for a long time.


In the food use of the head buds and stems of young plants. To maintain useful properties it is better to steam or blanch for 5-7 minutes.

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