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FEATURES gluing different types of wallpaper

Wallpaper - versatile material for walls

building materials market is filled with plethora of wallpapers.

Along with paper, now use non-woven, vinyl and even liquid wallpaper.

Each material requires special treatment of them.

The walls of wallpaper pasting nothing complicated. It is important to observe the instructions and choose a good adhesive. The complexity will depend on the state of the pasted surface. Irregularities may cause peeling of the wallpaper and gapping the wall. Each type of wallpaper has its advantages and disadvantages. It is necessary to choose a suitable adhesive, to get acquainted with the rules of pasting in corners. When purchasing building materials need to view the parameters premises intended for decoration. To make the right choice at the time of repair, you need to learn the ropes in a variety of wallpapers. They have different thickness, structure, properties and color characteristics.

Walls before pasting should be carefully prepared: proshpaklevat and primed. Then stick the wallpaper evenly and firmly to the wall pristanut.

Paper wallpaper

Paper wallpaper - best sellers. They can easily be glued, including the corners, so that the label be overlapped. Wallpapers are sold with relief drawings or just plain, there are double-layer and three-layer. The adhesive should be applied to the wall and wallpaper. Their disadvantage is the extensibility of the moisture. Therefore, at the junction of wallpaper should go a bit against each other, so that when drying is not turned progal.

Non-woven wallpaper

Non-woven wallpaper is not needed in the preliminarypromazyvanii glue. It is important to carefully handle the wall. They are more compact and are able to hide minor surface irregularities. When pasting the corners to avoid overlapping, as it will be noticeable. Non-woven wallpaper can be painted with latex paint of any color, any wish to master.

It is necessary to pre-dissolve the glue, following the instructions from the manufacturer. To glue has become the right consistency, it should take a little time.

Vinyl wallpapers

Vinyl wallpaper are printed or flezilinovuyubase and top weight is applied, foamed vinyl. With it you can recreate any structure: stone, wood, marble, Venetian plaster. They belong to a class of detergents, therefore suitable for kitchen, hallway. Depending on the substrate, and the method will differ sticking. If the paper, the greasy wall and wallpaper if non-woven, the adhesive should only wall fluff.

Other Wallpaper

It is not often used other types of wallpaper: liquid, glass, mats, textile. Because stick them without adequate preparation is quite time-consuming. The result can be disastrous. The cost of such wallpaper is much higher than normal. Liquid wallpaper is a mush of wallpaper glue and pieces. This mass is applied to the wall with a spatula and smoothed to a thickness of about half a centimeter. You have to properly dilute the mixture to the wallpaper well pestered the treated surface. The result is somewhat reminiscent of textured plaster.

Fabric wallpaper can not tolerate wet conditions, they themselves are very heavy, so you need to find a special and reliable glue. See velor or textile wallpaper is very luxurious.

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