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Features of Gestalt therapy</a>

Gestalt therapy is the direction of psychoanalysis, successfully applied in practice to help people with mental problems. The author of this method is Frederick Perls, a German psychiatrist.

The main slogan of Gestalt therapy is "to live here andNow ", and all the features of theory and technology are aimed at ensuring that people get rid of the influence of the past, fantasies about the future, surrounding people and society and solve their problems, realizing their feelings.

What is Gestalt therapy?

Gestalt therapy is one of the directionsPsychiatric therapy, the principles of which were developed by a psychiatrist, psychoanalyst Frederick Perls. The main rule of this current is "live here and now". Gestalt therapy works only with current experiences and problems, during a psychotherapy session, psychologists encourage clients not to leave the flow of conscious emotions.

Perls and other followers of this theoryPsychoanalysis believed that a person loses the ability to understand their feelings, analyze them, he turns to the past or is aiming for the future, which does not solve his problems. He seeks an outlet in relations with other people, but does not achieve inner harmony.

The main feature of Gestalt therapy isIn that this direction of psychology is purely practical, therapists apply certain techniques and techniques to help people develop new ways of treatment and counseling, study the problems of working with one person or several patients.

Followers of this method are not carried away by theorizing, but check their own speculation in practice, and as practice shows, Gestalt therapy is often successful.

Gestalt therapy in practice

One of the fundamental concepts of Gestalt therapy- "contact boundary". This relationship between the patient and the environment, for example, other people. Therapists distinguish several types of boundaries: corporal, boundaries of values, emotions, trust and habitual. When a person does not distinguish between these boundaries and begins to adapt to the requirements of society, thus merging with the environment, a mental problem appears. The same happens when the patient, on the contrary, imposes his rules on others, invades someone else's territory and again violates borders - one of the manifestations of such behavior is a crime.

Therefore, during sessions of Gestalt therapy, psychologists work to ensure that a person crosses himself and the surrounding world, detached himself and realized his feelings and needs.

Another important term is the "unfinished gestalt", a thing in the past that has not been brought to an end and prevents a person from living "here and now".

Gestalt therapists show a developed fantasyWhen creating new techniques of this direction. There are two types of therapy methods: dialogue techniques and projective ones. The first are realized when the client interacts with the psychologist, the latter is the work of the person with his experiences, imagination, dreams. The most well-known are techniques of working with chairs, there are already several varieties of such exercises.

The technique of "hot chair" is used in the group: One person sits on a chair in the center of the circle and talks about his problems to the therapist, and the others watch, then talk about their experiences in connection with what they heard. "Empty chair" is a method that allows a client to talk with someone who can not be contacted, such as a deceased relative, in order to free themselves from the past and begin to live "here and now."

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