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Features of Gestalt therapy

Gestalt Therapy - the direction of psychoanalysis, successfully applied in practice to help people with mental health problems. The author of this method is that Fritz Perls, a German psychiatrist.

The main slogan of Gestalt therapy - "to live here andnow ", and all the features of the theory and technology aimed to ensure that people got rid of the influence of the past, fantasies about the future of other people and society and to solve their problems, recognizing their feelings.

What is Gestalt therapy

Gestalt therapy - one of the directionspsychiatric therapy, the principles of which were developed by the psychiatrist, psychoanalyst Fritz Perls. The main rule of this trend - "live here and now." Gestalt therapy works only with the existing at present feelings and problems during a session of psychotherapy, psychologists encourage customers not to leave the stream of conscious emotions.

Perls and other followers of this theorypsychoanalysis believed that a person loses the ability to be aware of their feelings, analyze them, he turns to the past and aimed at the future, that does not solve his problem. He's looking for a way in relation to other people, but does not reach the inner harmony.

The main feature of Gestalt therapy isthat is the direction of psychology - a purely practical, therapists apply certain techniques and methods to help people develop new methods of treatment and counseling, study problems with one person or several patients.

Followers of this method is not fond of theorizing and testing their fantasies in practice, and as practice shows, Gestalt therapy is often successful.

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Gestalt therapy practice

One of the fundamental concepts of Gestalt therapy- "Limit of contact." This relationship between the patient and the environment, for example, the other person. Therapists identify several types of boundaries: physical, border values, emotions, trust and familiar. When a person is ill distinguishes these boundaries and begins to adapt to the demands of society, thus blending with the environment, there is a mental problem. The same thing happens when the patient is, on the contrary, imposes surrounding its rules encroaches on another's territory, and again violate the border - one of the manifestations of such behavior is considered a crime.

Therefore, during the sessions of Gestalt psychologists work hard to make people held a boundary between themselves and the outside world, segregated and realized his feelings and needs.

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Another important term - "unfinished gestalt" any business in the past, that has not been brought to an end and prevents a person to live "here and now".

Gestalt therapists exhibit developed imaginationthe creation of new techniques in this direction. There are two kinds of methods of therapy: the art of dialogue and projective. First implemented at the client's interaction with the psychologist, the second - is the work of a person with their feelings, imagination, dreams. The most famous work of art considered with chairs, already there are several varieties of such exercises.

The technique of "hot chair" is used in the group: a man sits on a chair in the center of the circle and tells the therapist about their problems, and the rest watched, and then talk about their experiences in connection with the heard. "Empty chair" - a method that allows the client to talk to the person with whom it is impossible to establish contact, such as relatives of the deceased to be free from the past and start living "here and now".

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