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FEATURES fen ionization

Features fen ionization

Hairdryers with ionization mainly used in hairdressing, but more often people buy them for home use.

The fact that such products are much healthier for the hair and help to simplify the process of laying.

How do hairdryers ionization

The principle of fen with ionization based onusing negative ions that break down water molecules and attracting them. Thus hairs rapidly saturated with moisture, whereas the excess fluid from their surface evaporates. If traditional dryers dry your hair with hot air, causing a negative impact on their structure, the ionization model, in contrast, combine the process of drying and humidification, make it a gentle, harmless to the strands.
Due to the short-term effects of heat andparticular the principle of the dryers with ionization avoids unpleasant electrified hair effect. Negatively charged ions help to eliminate static electricity and prevent its occurrence in the future, and thus contribute to the improvement of the strands and help make a beautiful styling.

What are the advantages of hair dryers with ionization

The main advantage of such products isthat they do not harm your hair. In contrast, saturating every hair moisture and smoothing "flakes", hairdryers ionization contribute to the improvement of the appearance of the strands. During use of the hair structure is gradually restored, and follicle damage is minimized. The result - beautiful, soft, shiny and healthy tresses. Of course, it is difficult to achieve noticeable results after the first use, but if you replace the usual hair model with ionization, after some time, there were improvements.
Negatively charged ions crushed moleculewater, and this reduces the drying time of hair. This advantage will be enjoyed by people who often do packing with a hair dryer and do not wish to spend on this procedure is too time consuming. Laying while also greatly simplified: quick and easy to make a beautiful hairstyle with the help of such a device can even holders of unruly hair.
Hairdryers with ionization does not desiccate the hair,make them brittle and weak. Through the use of such devices can minimize the risk of split ends. At the same time, since these devices do not cause damage to the strands, unlike conventional dryers, they can be used almost every day without fear of hopeless ruin tresses.
Among the features of fen ionization can mention the relatively high price, but if you're willing to pay for the health and beauty of your hair, it will not be an obstacle for you.

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