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PECULIARITIES of raising mini-pigs


Features of the education of mini-pigs</a>

In the US and Europe, about fifty years agoThey took decorative miniature pigs' miniature pigs; their ancestors were wild miniature wild boars and Vietnamese pigs. Then in Italy they brought out mini-Mayallino - the smallest breed to date.

In addition to this breed, breeders are equally popular with Vizenau, Bergstresskernirt and minisibs. Lovely mini-pie in the CIS countries are exotic, because it is quite difficult to grow such guinea pigs.

But still these funny pets managed to win the hearts of our compatriots.

If you decide to start a mini-pig house,That these animals are very timid. Pig can get used to the host for a month. This pet needs love and affection. Come around without sudden movements, cries, unexpected touches. It is better to scratch the baby with a neck, ears or a barrel. Give your pet time to get used to all family members.
Mechanical techniques that are commonly usedWhen raising cats and dogs, will be ineffective, because at the heart of the pig's training is food. Only to overfeed a pet is harmful. Decorative pigs eat almost everything. In the diet of a mini-pig, fresh fruits, vegetables, greens, porridges should be present. To water the pig should be at room temperature.
It is necessary to show rigidity in the event thatThe pig is trying to bite you. Stop it with the command "Do not!", Put a light slap. After the punishment, do not pet the pig, do not spoil it with treats. Otherwise, the animal can become entrenched a habit of biting.
Still you need to know that the mini-pigs are pretty much the sameNoisy animals. They like swimming, walking. Once a year it is required to trim the hoof, and then the floors will be covered with scratches. If this does not frighten you all, then this friendly and sociable pet is for you. In addition, mini-pigs are hypoallergenic animals, so that they can have families with children or asthmatics.

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