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FEATURES cuisine in the style of minimalism

Features of the kitchen in the style of minimalism

Minimalism is a laconic style.

But you can not worry - the paucity of decoration items will make less rich Kitchen interior in minimalist style.

Every thing in this kitchen attracts the gaze gourmet rigor.

To make a kitchen in this style, you must first become familiar with its features.

Features minimalist style

Kitchen design in a style suitable for those whoHe prefers to live in a house that turns into a smoothly running "mechanism" with the appearance of the host, which provides comfort. For minimalist style can be attributed cosmopolitans, citizens who spend the night at home today, and tomorrow go on a long trip, the day after tomorrow is a rest at the prestigious resort.

A characteristic feature of minimalism - is strictersharp lines. The color scheme is always done in bright colors, the accents are created with the help of metal, stone or wood. There will be an original look fragments, which are designed in bright and dark colors. But if the kitchen is small, then there are welcome pastel shades.

Another feature of the style of minimalism - itmonochrome interior. Associations that have been created in the style of minimalism, should create the impression of a whole space example - kitchen-living room. At furnish used plaster, stone, stainless steel, polished wood, natural or artificial stone.

Kitchen furniture in the style of minimalism

Furniture should be a lot of flat facades. At the kitchen fronts welcome high level of gloss. Countertops - exclusively from stone. The kitchen table is quite simple, round or rectangular shape, chairs with good back support.

Lighting for the kitchen

This kitchen needs a lot of natural light. If the kitchen has a window, then it is best to hang blinds. You can set a ceiling halogen lighting or neon lights.

Spatial decision minimalist kitchen can be different - it makes your design unique.

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