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Fears and how to overcome them


With fears you need to work</a>

Human fears can be very diverse, as well as the reasons that caused their appearance. Heavy phobias are best treated under the guidance of a specialist.

But with some fears the individual can cope himself if he realizes them and sorts out the source of his fear.

You will need

  • - a pen-
  • - paper-
  • - lighter or matches-
  • - ashtray.



Do not underestimate the impact of fears on youra life. Some of them can seriously damage a person's existence. Sowing in the subconscious, fears can cause depression, negative feelings and thoughts. The individual, who is tormented by various phobias, can not fully enjoy life and experiences some discontent with the surrounding world and the events that happen to him. It turns out that fears can lead to real suffering and hinder happiness. Therefore, they must be overcome.


Some fears can be difficult to identify, to realize. Their causes lie even deeper, in the subconscious. Sometimes, in order to find the source of a phobia, one has to deal with the distant childhood of an individual or even study the history of his kind. However, if we discard clinical cases, with some fears one can work even independently. And the first step to this is to realize that you are afraid of something.


Accept your fear and not be ashamed of it. Reason you can understand its meaninglessness, but this knowledge can not affect your essence. Keep in mind that fear is an emotion, and feelings can not immediately be influenced from a position of reasonableness or practicality. Once you stop struggling with yourself and try to strangle yourself with fear, when you start working with a phobia, you will feel better.


Try to get rid of fear withVisualization. Prepare a pen and a sheet of paper. Close your eyes and imagine a stressful situation for you when you are surrounded by an object of your fear. Try to portray your fear on paper. Draw all the details. Then rip the little leaf into small pieces and burn the pattern.


Have enough patience and courage. Get the support of loved ones and try to meet your fear face to face. If you are not ready for this step, do not force yourself. Hence, your fear is too great, and work on getting rid of it is necessary together with the psychologist.


Meet with your fear of face-to-face ifYou are ready to try to defeat it. Believe that you can say goodbye to her once and for all. Let next to you will be a reliable, close person. For example, if you are afraid of heights to dizziness and trembling in your knees, climb to the high floor and look out the window down. Your life while doing this, nothing will be threatened. Time after time, you will come closer to your phobia, increasing the distance to the ground and the time you are at the altitude, until eventually you defeat fear and jump with a parachute.

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