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Fears and how to overcome them

With fears need to work

Human fears can be very diverse, as well as the reasons that caused their appearance. Severe phobia is best treated under the supervision of a specialist.

But some fear the individual can handle himself if aware of them and will deal with the primary source of their fear.

You will need

  • - a pen-
  • - paper-
  • - Lighter or spichki-
  • - Ashtray.



Do not underestimate the impact of your fearsa life. Some of them can seriously spoil the human existence. Sowing in the subconscious fears can cause depression, negative feelings and thoughts. An individual who suffers various phobias, can not fully enjoy life and feel some resentment around the world and the events that happened to him. It turns out that the fears may lead to this suffering and prevent happiness. Therefore, they need to be overcome.


Some fears can be difficult to identify, recognize. Their causes lie deeper in the subconscious. Sometimes, to find the source of a phobia, it is necessary to deal with the early childhood of an individual or even to study the history of his family. However, if we ignore the clinical cases, with some fears can even work independently. And the first step in this direction - to realize that you are afraid of something.


Take your fear and do not be ashamed of it. Mind you able to understand the senselessness of it, but your essence and this knowledge can not influence. Keep in mind that fear - an emotion, and feelings are not obtained immediately affect from a position of rationality or practicality. As soon as you stop fighting with each other and trying to strangle his fear, when you start working with a phobia, you will feel better.


Try to get rid of the fear of usingvisualization. Prepare a pen and paper. Close your eyes and imagine a stressful situation for you when you are surrounded by the object of your fear. Try to portray your own paper. Draw all the details. Then tear the leaf into small pieces and burn pattern.


Stock up on patience and courage. Enlist the support of loved ones and try to meet your fear face to face. If you are not ready to take this step, it is better not to force yourself. So, your fear is too great, and work on getting rid of it is necessary, along with a psychologist.


Meet with your fear face to face, ifyou are ready to try to win it. Believe that you will be able to say goodbye to her once and for all. Let next to you will be safe, loved one. For example, if you are afraid of heights to dizziness and trembling at the knees, get on a high floor and look out of the window down. Your life with really nothing will threaten. Time after time, you will come closer and closer to his phobia, increasing the distance to the ground and the time spent at the height until finally not defeat fear and not jump with a parachute.

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