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Quick breakfast: simple recipes


A hot nutritious breakfast is the best start to the day. Nutritionists say that it is full breakfasts that allow the body to recharge the right amount of energy for the whole day and help avoid overeating and harmful snacks that have a negative effect on the figure.

Making a quick hot breakfast

In order to prepare a quick, tasty andA useful hot breakfast, it is recommended to use proven recipes, cooking for which will take no more than 15 minutes, does not require the use of complex ingredients, and the result will appeal to both adults and children.

Quick breakfast consisting of hot cheesePyshek, is able to cook even a beginner hostess who does not have much experience in culinary arts. To prepare the pyschki need about 70-100 g of any cheese, which is rubbed on a grater with small or medium-sized cells and mixed with a cup of yogurt. In the resulting mixture add about two cups of wheat flour, half a teaspoon of salt and soda, a teaspoon of granulated sugar.

The dough is thoroughly kneaded, the hands are poured with flourAnd form small balls. To prepare a light-weight option for a quick hot breakfast, the balls are slightly flattened and fried in a frying pan with hot oil. A more satisfying breakfast option involves the inclusion of the filling: the ball is rolled into a small flat cake, in the center of which are laid out slices of sausage, ham, cheese of a different kind, greens. The edges of tortillas are tied and fried in a pan.

It is important to remember that when roasting, the puffs increase in size, so it is not recommended to put too many workpieces on the pan.

No less fast option for a hot breakfastAre cheese croutons. To prepare 5-6 toast, you need to grate about 80 grams of cheese, mix it with raw eggs, salt and dried herbs. The resulting mixture is neatly distributed over the surface of slices of white bread, after which the croutons are placed on a frying pan with the oil heated with the smeared side down.

Do not worry that the cheese will stick to the bottomFrying pan - after a while it forms a ruddy appetizing crust. Toasts are fried on both sides, served hot to the table. The cooking time from 6-8 toasts takes no more than 10-12 minutes.

Another recipe for a quick breakfast that does not occupyA lot of time and effort, presupposes the presence of Armenian lavash. Lavash is cut into small strips, on which slices of ham, sausage, bacon, cheese are put, after which the strip is folded into a small rectangle.

Each billet is dipped in a raw egg and fried in a small amount of oil. Lavash quickly becomes crispy, it acquires a golden, beautiful crust.

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