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FASHION wedding bouquets 2014

Trendy bridal bouquets 2014

There comes the height of wedding season. On the wedding day, every bride wants to look irresistible!

This helps her dress, hairstyle, make-up and, of course, a bouquet.

Trends in the bouquets of wedding season is a great variety, every bride can choose what she liked.

The main trend in the creation of wedding fashionbouquet for the season 2014 - is its uniqueness. He is chosen individually for each bride, reflects her mood and image. Bouquet can be cascaded in the form of drops or a classic round. For the latter welcomed an unusual bouquet of content:

  • Garden flowers. Simple and lovely asters, peonies, crocus andmarigolds give the image of a bride ease. They overshadow a classic rose, looked very fresh and bold. Note that Peony- Shrub roses in the West have long overshadowed classic rose.
  • Brooch bouquets or bunches of jewelry. The beauty of this bouquet is that you can make the most of, although it can be ordered from the designer. Believe me, you will not go unnoticed with this bouquet.
  • Bouquets of flowers «hand-made». This bouquet can be left on kassicheskimform but not in content. Flowers for it is made of felt, fabric, knit, Val wool. You can show all their imagination. This bouquet does not wither after a few days, but will remain with you forever.

Pay attention to the design of the bouquet legs. It should emphasize the style of the composition. In 2014, the leg can be decorated with lace, brooch, cameo.

The most fashionable color this season has found itsreflected in wedding fashion. Add the blue notes of the composition - lavender, sapphire and turquoise hue. A good combination is white with blue, yellow with blue, white or pink and lavender, red with a bright blue.

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