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Fashion wedding bouquets of 2014


Fashionable wedding bouquets of 2014</a>

There comes the height of the wedding season. On the wedding day, every bride wants to look irresistible!

This helps her dress, hairstyle, make-up and, of course, a bouquet.

Trends for bouquets of this wedding season are very diverse, each bride can choose what she likes.

The main trend in creating a fashionable weddingBouquet for the season of 2014 is its uniqueness. He is selected individually for each bride, reflects her mood and image. The bouquet can be cascaded, in the form of a drop or a classic round. For the latter, an unusual filling of the bouquet is welcomed:

  • Garden flowers. Simple and cute asters, peonies, crocuses andMarigolds give the image of the bride lightness. They overshadow the classic roses, look very fresh and bold. Pay attention that the clustered pious roses in the West have long eclipsed a classic rose.
  • Brooch-bouquets or bouquets of costume jewelery. The beauty of this bouquet is that you can make it yourself, although you can order it from the designer. Believe me, you will not remain unnoticed with such a bouquet.
  • Bouquets of flowers "hand-made". Such a bouquet can remain cassational in nature.Form, but not in content. Flowers for him are made of felt, fabric, knit, fell out of wool. You can show all your imagination. Such a bouquet will not fade in a few days, but will remain with you forever.

Pay attention to the design of the bouquet's legs. It should emphasize the style of the whole composition. In 2014 the leg can be decorated with lace, brooch, cameo.

The most fashionable color of this season has found itsReflection and in the wedding fashion. Add the composition of the blue notes - a lavender, sapphire and turquoise hue. The combination of white with blue, yellow with blue, white or pink and lavender, red with bright blue will be successful.

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