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FASHION color manicure 2014 season

Fashion color nail polish 2014 season

Spring is in full swing, and it was at this time of year you want to be fashionable, beautiful and often want to try something new.

In order not to make radical changes, try to change the color of your usual nail on trendy colors 2014.



In 2014, the trend in all the gentle pastelshades. Also fashionable transparent clearcoat. He does not seem washed out. In contrast to them, are considered fashionable and bright original color manicure. For example, green. But his tone should be moderate and not to enter in the surrounding shock.


Nail polish chocolate shades with burgundymodulations at the peak of popularity. Winter is over, but left a legacy of semi-matt coating, they do not lose their relevance today. In general, this season the first place there is texture, not color.


The main trend of the season 2014 - it's all shades of fuchsia. It's bright colors with a cream coating and wet shine. Moreover, such color is appropriate in any situation.


Fans of Gothic style can be calm. Dark-colored nail polish is also in vogue. Especially gray-black and blue-violet.


Good old coral-red manicuresalways relevant. Only now he gets a two-tone. The second color may be applied to the strip or circle. The shape of the nail can also be absolutely anyone.

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