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Fashionable colors of the manicure of the 2014 season


Fashionable colors of manicure season 2014</a>

Spring is already in full swing, but at this time of the year you want to be fashionable, beautiful and often want to try something new.

In order not to make radical changes, try changing the habitual color of your manicure to the fashionable colors of 2014.



In 2014, in the trend, all the delicate pastelShades. Also a clear, colorless varnish is fashionable. He no longer seems faint. In contrast to them, fashionable are the bright and original colors of manicure. For example, green. But its tone should be moderate and not shock to others.


Chocolate nail polish with burgundyOverflows at the peak of popularity. Winter has already ended, but left a legacy of semi-matt cover, they do not lose their relevance now. In general, in this season, the texture is coming first, and not the color.


The main trend of the 2014 season is all shades of fuchsia. These are bright colors with a cream coating and a damp gloss. In addition, this color is appropriate in any situation.


Fans of the Gothic style can be calm. Dark colors of nail polish are also fashionable. Especially gray-black and blue-violet.


Old good coral-red color manicureAlways relevant. Only now it becomes two-color. The second color can be applied by a strip or even a circle. The shape of the nail can also be absolutely anything.

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