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Fashion for silver jewelry

Fashion Silver Jewelry

Today, silver is considered to be rather modest material is selected deep, mysterious nature, inclined to spiritual life.

Ornaments of gold cost more, but they are more popular, and they show the prestige and luxury.

This is the polarity of the two metals, both precious, both can submit a piece of jewelry.

Only someone would prefer a modest glimmer of silver, someone - with a solid glitter gold status.

Silver jewelry
If you look at silver and gold items,it becomes clear that more ideological decoration among silver. Jewelers portrayed using silver massive earrings with intricate flourishes, the mysterious symbols pendants, large rings with semiprecious stones. It turns out that silver is suitable for individualists who are eager to stand out with the help of unusual jewelry.
Silver and diamonds
Jewellery made of silver with diamonds - it isthe same ordinary thing like gold jewelry with diamonds. Silver jewelry with diamonds are quite bored and everyday themes - it sorts of national patterns, beautiful colors, abstract shapes of shiny stones.
Jewellery "Totem"
Among the distinguished silver jewelery"Totem" decoration. For example, earrings in the form of frogs that keep the legs large pearls. It looks very stylish. Or a collection of "cat and mouse" - here rings, pendants, earrings, bracelets made in the cute category of perpetual discord mice and cats.

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