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FASHION on silver jewelry


Fashion for silver jewelry</a>

Today silver is considered quite a modest material, it is chosen by deep, mysterious nature, prone to spiritual life.

Gold jewelry costs more, but they are more popular, they show prestige and luxury.

This is the polarity of the two metals: both precious, both can represent a work of jewelry art.

Only someone will prefer a modest flicker of silver, someone - a shine of gold with a solid status.

Silver jewelry
If you look at silver and gold products,Then it becomes clear that there are more ideological ornaments among the silver ones. Jewelers depict with the help of silver massive earrings with intricate curls, enigmatic symbol pendants, large rings with semiprecious stones. It turns out that silver is suitable for individualists who crave to stand out with unusual jewelry.
Silver and diamonds
Jewelery from silver with diamonds - this is alreadyThe same common thing as gold jewelry with diamonds. Silver jewelry with diamonds have a pretty boring and ordinary theme - it's all kinds of national patterns, beautiful flowers, abstract figures of brilliant stones.
Totem decorations
Among the precious products are silverOrnaments of "totem". For example, earrings in the form of frogs, which hold in the paws of large pearls. It looks very stylish. Or the collection of cat and mouse - here rings, pendants, earrings, bracelets are made in a cute theme of the eternal discord of mice and cats.

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