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How to factor numbers

manual expansion of the number factorization

In order to factor the number, should be carried out on it a few arithmetic operations.

This will require at least minimal knowledge of mathematics (on the multiplication table level).

You will need

  • Paper, pen, number



Spend on paper vertical line. That number, which must be broken down into multipliers note the upper left. Now find the smallest simple integer for which can be divided first. It must be evenly divisible and it should not be one. Go to the next line. To the left of features write the operation result of the first division of the left in the right. Now take that number (the third one) and find the smallest integer for which it will be divided without a remainder. As already mentioned, to the right of the vertical line there should be no units. Valid only whole numbers prime numbers greater than 1.


Remember to look for the smallest multipliers. Even if the number divided by 2 several times,do not rush to divide it into 3 or more. Only after the number 2 on the left side of the vertical line can no longer divide, move to a larger factor.


Depending on how large the number you divide by multipliers, Longer and dividing steps. dividing the number of operations with the vertical line on the right side of the smallest easy to spend as long as the left side will be the bottom of the unit. Once it appears, it means that you have completed the division of the number on the multipliers.
Now just make a note of all the numbers on the right side of the vertical line on the paper. This will multipliers a number that you are looking for. As you can see, nothing complicated about it.

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