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How to factorize the numbers


Manual factorization</a>

To multiply the number, several arithmetic operations must be performed over it.

To do this, you need at least a minimal knowledge of mathematics (at the level of the multiplication table).

You will need

  • Paper, pen, number



Draw a vertical line on the paper. The number that should be decomposed into Multipliers Write down in the upper left. Now find the smallest prime integer that the first can share. It must be shared without a remainder and it should not be a unit. Go to the next line. To the left of the line, write the result of the division of the first number on the left to the second from the right. Now take this number (the third one under the account) and find the smallest integer to which it will be divided without rest. As already mentioned, there should be no units to the right of the vertical line. Numbers are allowed only integer prime numbers greater than 1.


Remember that you need to look for the smallest Multipliers. Even if the number is divided by 2 several times,Do not rush to divide it into 3 or more. Only after the number 2 on the left side of the vertical line can no longer share, go to the larger multiplier.


Depending on how large the number you divide into Multipliers, There will also be more stages of division. The operations of dividing the number from the right side of the vertical line to the smallest idle time are done until the unit on the left side is below. As soon as it appears, it means that you have finished dividing the number by Multipliers.
Now just write down all the numbers on the right side of the vertical line on the paper. This will Multipliers The number you were looking for. As you noticed, nothing is complicated in this.

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