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Skin care in winter

Skin care in winter

In winter, the main problem skin - dehydrated.

The skin loses elasticity, and the choice of cosmetics for face is to be considered.

If the skin is normal, it is dry in winter, fat is changed to a normal, dry skin turns into hypersensitive.

Sometimes the skin reaction to the cold weather and winterfrosts can bring great inconvenience. For example, a violation of the low temperature of endocrine processes can provoke an aggravation of internal inflammation, acne.

In these skin problems can helpapplying a protective cream in the morning in the form of a fatty emulsion. After returning from the street can not just wash water - first perform a combined washing. To perform this procedure, soak a towel in hot water and put it on your face. After a minute, replace it with another soaked in cold water. Alternating spend 4-5 times - so possible to mitigate the effects of an aggressive effect on the skin surrounding the environment, restore water balance.

To get rid of acne then apply a maskof oatmeal flakes. Soak them in warm milk and apply on the face for about 15 minutes. The mask should form a film on the skin, then it may wash - rinse better use green tea.

Problem skin is necessary to ensure the eveninggood hydration and nutrition. Rinse with plain water face make-up should not be - thus removed hydrolipidic film that protects the skin. Not suitable alcohol-based agents. For washing off makeup should use lotion, lotion, tonic or cream, as part of which there is no alcohol. In the face of such means are applied lightly, it is necessary to remove the excess tissue.

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