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Eyebrow and eyelash at home


Bright eyelashes and eyebrows give the face a special beauty.

But nature is not always generous to paint.

Daily tint eyebrows and eyelashes bored, and indeed, I want to get up in the morning, look in the mirror and see yourself with expressive features.

You can easily select eyelashes and eyebrows using paint for eyebrows and eyelashes.

You can make periodic visits to the master in the barber shop, and you can learn it for yourself.

You will need

  • - Professional paint for eyebrows and eyelashes
  • - A glass jar
  • - Special brush
  • - wool
  • - Means for removing excess
  • - Manifesting the emulsion



Prepare the paint. Everything you need for painting is now sold in many stores. Before dyeing eyelashes and eyebrows is necessary to prepare the paint, squeezing 1-2 ml of ink in a glass jar, and drip five drops of emulsion attached (it is sold with paint). Thoroughly mix. It should get the consistency of medium thickness. Long stand ready to give weight not immediately apply.


Colouring eyelashes. Apply rich cream on the lower eyelids, thin impose soaked cotton pads under the eyes. Around eyebrows inflict fat cream. The protection of your delicate eye skin from paint. Brush Then apply a thick layer of paint on the eyelashes, first in one eye. We hold seven minutes and wash off. Wash off with a cotton swab, first dry, then dipped in water. We paint the other eye is similar. We try to paint from getting on the eyelids and the eye, it is very sensitive skin on the eyes.


Painting of eyebrows. Apply the paint with a brush to the hair of eyebrows, we try not to go beyond their scope, otherwise the skin will turn around very quickly. We hold for 5-7 minutes and wash off with a swab moistened with warm water. Do not worry, if you turn out very bright eyebrows. The next day, everything will calm down and will look quite natural. Ideal to use tool for removing excess paint. Apply the product on the swab and rub thoroughly into his eyebrows. Excess paint gone.

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