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extreme driving

extreme driving

Driving a car can be different. For fans of extreme driving courses there, which helps to master all the subtleties of maneuvering on the road.

These lessons will help to avoid danger, even a novice motorist.

Drivers who have passed extreme coursesDriving as a rule, can easily cope with driving a car in icy conditions on wet roads. They are able to maneuver to prevent a head-on collision and avoid an accident on the slopes. In addition, these in-depth sessions eliminate the panic steering, taught high-speed driving in a metropolis.

In schools where courses are held, there arerequired for employment. However, it is not forbidden to use their own transport. For example, you can arrive by car, but still receive the necessary knowledge and to any other, which is available from the instructor, and then you analyze the results.

Most of the lessons in traffic safety -Practical. Groups, which are carried out training of the drivers are formed randomly with similar data, often from 2 to 4 people. During the hour and a half, students at the instructor assignment simulate various situations that are on the road and try to resolve them.

The qualified instructors, the more expensiveIt will cost training. In addition, the price depends on the number of hours of your driving experience, place of residence. For example, Moscow cost will be higher than in Pskov.

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