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How to extract limestone

How to extract limestone

Limestone - the oldest breed in the world. It originated millions of years ago on the ocean floor, which was covered with the surface of the planet.

The main component of limestone is calcium.



To get a small limestone slab, you can use the old-fashioned way. Find the way out small rocks out of the ground.


Take a shovel and clear a maximum areaproduction. Lom shape in the slab of limestone crack and pry the edge of the plate. Try to raise it. Limestone overlies layers, so you can lift it a little plate.


Remove the plate from limestone bedding place, treat it. Limestone can be cut normal saw. To impart softness drench with water.


Limestone is mined in quarries by blasting. To organize the production, first pick the reservoir, removing them from the layers of the earth bulldozing, substandard clay and limestone.


Then, along the edge of the production wells were drilledand lay the explosives. Directed explosions break off from the huge deposits of limestone formations that excavators are loaded on dump trucks and transported to the treatment site.

The waste pit recultivated previously excavated earth and rock substandard. Then sow and plant the useful herbs and plants.


This method of production is typical for limestonelarge deposits. Small fields are being developed by other, non-explosive ways. In these fields of limestone removed ready rectangular blocks by creating a contour slots. This technology is called bars generation and is based on the creation of an array of special limestone cuts perpendicular to natural fractures. Work carried out with the help of stone-cutting machines and excavators. The technology of production of good bars that remove the unit easy to transport and processing.

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