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How to Extract Limestone


How to Extract Limestone</a>

Limestone is the oldest breed on earth. It originated many millions of years ago at the bottom of the oceans with which the surface of the planet was covered.

The main component of limestone is calcium.



To get a small limestone slab, you can use the grandfather's method. Find a small outcrop of rock out from under the ground.


Take the shovel and maximize the areaProduction. With a crowbar, form a crack in the slab of the limestone and poke the edge of the slab. Try to lift it. Limestone lies in layers, so it is possible to raise its small plate.


Remove the limestone plate from the site, treat it. Limestone can be sawed with a regular saw. To give softness, pour it over with water.


Limestone is mined in quarries by an explosive method. To organize prey, first open up the deposits, removing from them bulldozers layers of earth, clay and substandard limestone.


Then along the entire edge of the production, drill the wellsAnd lay the explosives. Directed explosions break off huge deposits of limestone from the deposit, which are loaded with excavators into dump trucks and transported to the processing site.

The spent quarry should be reclaimed by previously excavated land and substandard breed. Then sow and plant with useful herbs and plants.


This method of limestone mining is typical forLarge deposits. Small deposits are developed by other, non-explosive methods. In such deposits, limestone is removed with finished rectangular blocks due to the creation of contour slots. This technology is called bar production and is based on the creation of special cuts perpendicular to natural cracks in the limestone massif. Works are conducted with the help of stone-cutting machines and excavators. The technology of bar production is good in that the removed blocks are easy to transport and process.

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