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External and internal factors of interpersonal attraction

External and internal factors of interpersonal attraction

Interpersonal attraction - psychological concept that defines the attachment, sympathy, the relationship between people.

Usually, people do not only perceive others, they are still among others form their own attitude toward them.

Attractions in interpersonal relationships formed are certain factors that we now consider.

External factors interpersonal attraction
Most of all, we appreciate the ability of man to submit himself. There are external factors which play a significant role, at least at first glance not particularly related to the communication.
1. Sociability, ability to maintain a conversation, the desire to please, the ability to attract attention. The more a person is so unpretentious sympathy methods, so it is more attractive to others.
2. The spatial proximity. The proximity to each other is always a special confidence. Just do not cross the special zone of 0.5 meters, because it is an intimate, any intrusion is seen as a violation of boundaries.
3. The emotional state of the person. Cheerful and happy person attractive to others, but a person with depression is no longer so attractive.
That's how people and the impression of a man at once, even before the start of a conversation with him.
Internal factors interpersonal attraction
These factors of attraction are formed at the moment of communication.
1. The main factor - the style of communication. Behavior in the conversation - this is the most important thing that attracts or repels the interlocutor. Tactlessness, rudeness, rude - that could spoil the good relationship to the person.
2. The similarity. The more people like you lifestyle, hobbies, or status, the more it will cause sympathy.
3. Physical attractiveness. Beautiful people always have to communicate - that's a fact.
These factors can be useddeliberately. Whether a person belongs to a culture that is often all people liking is the same, so these factors are relevant and attractions in intercultural communication.

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