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ADVANCED functions of a computer mouse


Advanced computer mouse functions</a>

We all know the basic functions of the left and right mouse buttons.

However, in addition to simple clicks, there are special, hidden functions of the mouse, which some do not even guess.



Quickly highlight most of the text.
One of the primitive functions of a computer mouseIs the selection of the text. To do this, usually clamp the left button and move the cursor to the end of the desired area. But if the user wants to select a large area with a page down, then click the mouse at the beginning of the desired passage and then, holding the Shift key on the keyboard, click again at the end of the required text.


Quickly select the whole paragraph.
Double-clicking the left mouse button highlightsThen the word that was double clicked. With a triple click, you can select the entire paragraph. Naturally, this is much more convenient than pulling the selection with the cursor.


Quickly select individual pieces of text.
It is not at all necessary to try to copyAll the text entirely and then spend time removing unnecessary fragments from it. You can click on the desired words or select individual sentences by holding down the Ctrl key, and then insert everything you need in one fell swoop.


Go to the previous or next page in the browser.
With the mouse wheel and the Shift key, you can go back and forth through the browser pages.


Zoom in or out in the browser.
If the website published too small text, you can easily increase it with a wheel and a clipped button Ctrl.


Open the link in a new browser tab.
In order to open a link on a new tab,Usually click with the mouse wheel. However, if it broke, then you need to remember that clicking with the left button and holding down Ctrl leads to a similar result.


Drag with the right mouse button.
Modern users are used to draggingFiles using the Drag'n'Drop method (ie, by holding down the left mouse button of the computer mouse). However, the same can be done by holding the right button. The only difference is that in the latter case a special context menu appears, suggesting to copy the document or create a shortcut.

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