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Advanced functions of computer mouse

Advanced computer mouse

We all know very well the basic functions of the left and right mouse buttons on a computer mouse.

However, there are special hidden mouse functions, of which some do not even know besides simple clicks.



Quickly identify most of the text.
One of the primitive functions of the computer mousea text selection. This is usually clamp the left button and conduct the cursor to the end of the desired section. But if the user is required to select a large area with scrolling down the page, then it is necessary to click the mouse at the beginning of the desired passage, and then hold down the Shift key on your keyboard, click again at the end of the desired text.


Quickly select a whole paragraph.
When you double-click the left mouse button is releaseda word to which a double-click has been carried out. At the same triple clicks you can select the entire paragraph. Naturally, it is much more convenient than pulling the selection cursor.


individual pieces of text quickly highlight.
It is not necessary to try to copyentire text and then take the time to remove unnecessary passages from it. You can click on the desired word or select individual proposals, hold the Ctrl key, and then insert everything you need in one fell swoop.


Go to the browser to the previous or next page.
Using the mouse wheel and buttons sandwiched Shift You can switch back and forth through the pages of the browser.


Zoom in or zoom in the browser.
If your site is published too small text, you can easily increase it with the wheel clamped and Ctrl keys.


Open this link in a new browser tab.
To open a link in a new tab,commonly used click the mouse wheel. However, if it is broken, it must be remembered that the left button click, and Ctrl + drag lead to similar results.


Drag with the right mouse button.
Today's users are accustomed to dragfiles using Drag'n'Drop method (ie, hold down the left button of a computer mouse). However, the same can be done, holding the right button. The only difference is that in the latter case there is a special context menu, offering copy a document or create a shortcut.

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