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How to Extend Your iPhone works

How to Extend Your iPhone works

iPhone has won the recognition of millions of people around the world. The system is running on the smartphone, is recognized as one of the most functional.

But with the increased functionality of iPhone has got one major drawback, namely a short time without recharging.



Enable mode "on the plane."
iPhone's "Airplane" state ceases to share baseline data, which allows the battery to sit down slowly.


Turn the mode of "Do Not Disturb".
Mode "on the plane" is not good enough thatwhen it no incoming or outgoing calls are possible. It is difficult to work with your smartphone. If you need to take an important call, but at the same time conserve battery power - enable the "Do not disturb".


Turn off the parallax effect.
There is no doubt that the effect is just as beautiful as it "eats" your battery. If you need to preserve battery power, will have to temporarily disable parallax.


Set the screen auto-lock.
Do not forget to turn off the screen afterfinished using iPhone. This can be done using a special side button or setting a special screen auto-lock after a certain period of time.


Turn off unnecessary options in the Notification Center.
Each time a user opens a panelNotification Center, iPhone asks for relevant data. To streamline requests and to reduce their number, go to Settings and select the desired function.


Turn off Siri.
Voice aid Siri - one of the integralparts of a smartphone based on iOS. However, not all users use this option. If you - one of them, you should turn off Siri avoid low battery power.


Disable service AirDrop.
If you do not use file transfer through the service, you should disable it via the iPhone management item.


Turn off the equalizer.
When using the equalizer device has to be further processed to play music. This, no doubt, hard to use battery power.


Turn restrictions in Settings.
Some of the applications installed on the gadget,themselves can send small data packets on the Internet, working in the background and, of course, thereby significantly reducing the battery charge level. Their zheyatelnost can pause, using the "Basic" option in "Settings."


Update iOS.
Apple is very concerned about the technicalsupport of its products, so regularly produces a variety of updates for your system. Therefore, if you have noticed that the iPhone has started quickly discharged, it makes sense to update the iOS.

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