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How to extend iPhone working time


How to extend iPhone working time</a>

The iPhone has won the recognition of millions of people around the world. The system on which this smartphone works is recognized as one of the most functional.

But along with increased functionality, the iPhone has acquired one significant drawback, namely: a short battery life.



Turn on the mode "In the plane".
IPhone in the "Airplane" state stops exchanging background data, which allows the battery to sit more slowly.


Turn on Do Not Disturb.
The mode "In the plane" is not good enough becauseWith it, no incoming or outgoing calls are possible. This makes it difficult to work with your smartphone. If you need to take an important call, but still save battery power - enable the Do Not Disturb option.


Turn off the parallax effect.
There is no doubt that this effect is as beautiful as it "eats" your battery. If you are more important to maintain a high battery, paralax will have to be temporarily disabled.


Set the auto-lock on the screen.
Do not forget to turn off the screen afterHave finished using the iPhone. This can be done with the help of a special side button or by setting a special auto-lock of the screen after a certain period of time.


Disable unnecessary options in the Notification Center.
Each time the user opens the panelThe center of notifications, the iPhone requests the actual data. To organize queries and reduce their number, go to Settings and select the functions you need.


Turn off Siri.
Siri voice assistance is one of the essentialParts of smartphones based on iOS. However, not all users use this option. If you are one of them, you should turn off Siri to avoid low battery charge.


Disable the AirDrop service.
If you do not use file transfer through this service, you should disable it through the iPhone Control item.


Turn off the equalizer.
When using the equalizer, the device has to further process the music being played. This, no doubt, uses battery power intensively.


Enable the restrictions in Settings.
Some applications installed on the gadget,Can themselves send small data packets to the Internet, work in the background and, of course, thereby significantly reduce the battery charge level. You can suspend their greeting by using the "Basic" item in the "Settings".


Upgrade to iOS.
Apple is very concerned about the technicalSupport their products, so it regularly releases various updates for its system. Therefore, if you notice that the iPhone has started to discharge quickly, it makes sense to update iOS.

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