How to renew transit numbers

How to renew transit numbers</a>

Transit numbers are given to the car owner in the event that he withdrew his car from the registration record.

The validity of such numbers is 20 days.

If during this time the car was not re-registered in the traffic police, the transit numbers must be renewed.



When you receive registration marks for the first time?TRANSIT, remember that they are issued for 5-20 days. Ask them to give them not for 5-7 days, but for a maximum period of transit numbers - 20 days. This will give you the opportunity to take a little hedge, and if possible, have a few days left.


Prepare such documents: Application for the extension of transit license plates, your passport, and a technical passport of the car. Please note that the process of extending transit license plates is analogous to the removal of a vehicle from the register.


The application with the request to extend the transit numbers, write in an arbitrary form, indicating the reason for the extension, for example, that the buyer has not yet been found on your vehicle.


In order to begin the process of renewalTransit license plates, come to the traffic police department in the city where the vehicle with transit numbers is at the moment. It does not matter where you live and are registered. To extend the transit numbers can and should be exactly at the location of your car.


Drive your car to the site for inspectionIn the traffic police at the place of his actual location. There he will have to inspect a traffic police officer. Check that at the time of check on your car registration signs are installed? TRANSIT.


Putting the car on the platform, and having on handThe above-mentioned documents, go to the official at the State Traffic Safety Inspectorate, who in this region is responsible for registering vehicles and can decide on the extension of transit license plates. According to clause 33.3 of the Rules for registration of AMTS, this may be the chief state traffic police inspector in the area, city or county or his deputy, as well as? Head of the registration department or his deputy.

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