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How to extend the transit numbers

How to extend the transit numbers

Transit numbers issued in the car owner if he took their car off the register.

The validity of these numbers is 20 days.

If the machine was not during that time again put on record in the traffic police authorities, the transit number must be renewed.



The first time registration plates?TRANSIT, remember that they are issued for 5-20 days. Ask to be given not for 5-7 days and the maximum period of validity of transit rooms - 20 days. This will give you the opportunity to hedge a bit, and, if possible, to have a few days left.


Prepare the following documents: the request to extend the transit license plates, your passport and vehicle registration document. Note that the process of extending the transit license plates similar to the removal of the vehicle from the register.


An application to extend the transit numbers, write in any form, stating the reason for the extension of, for example, that your vehicle has not yet found a buyer.


In order to begin the process of extendingtransit license plates, come to the traffic police department in the city, which at the moment is a vehicle with transit numbers. It does not matter where you live and are registered. Extend transit number can and should be exactly at the place of your car's location.


Will drive your car to the site for inspectionthe traffic police at the place of its actual location. There he will have to inspect the traffic police. Make sure that at the time of inspection on your car registration plates installed? TRANSIT.


Putting the car on the ground, and having theabove certain documents, go to the official in the traffic police, who in this region is responsible for the registration of vehicles, and may decide to extend the transit license plates. According to para. 33.3 of the Rules of Registration AMTS it may be the chief state inspector of the traffic safety in the region, city or county, or his deputy, as well? Head of the registration division or his deputy.

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