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How to prolong the durability of varnish

Beautiful manicure undoubted attribute groomed woman. However, the pace of modern life can not always find the time to update it and repaint nails.

In order to polish stayed longer, there are special rules for its application, as well as cosmetic products that can prolong its resistance.



Before applying the varnish the nail plate should be degreased. This is necessary to polish well able to bond with a fingernail, which is impossible in the presence of oil on the surface of a substance.


Polishing nails is also an important step inManicure, as it protects the plate from possible deformations. The smoother the surface of the nail will be, the stronger will be the paint. So be sure to get a polishing nail file.


Check the condition of your cuticle. She requires constant care and moisturizing. For this purpose, there are special tools, and this can be used for any cosmetic oil. Before applying nail cuticle necessarily moisturizing and move aside, otherwise it will quickly begin to flake.


Nail polish should be applied a thin layer,so he started to bubble. Cover the nail must be completely not forgetting the edges. It is particularly important to paint the tips of the nail plate, setting the stage for a little under a fingernail brush. So you're good to seal the end of the nail and will lower the probability of leads.


To extend the durability of varnish, you can usepre-application framework. Always make sure that the foundation is well dried before applying the colored lacquer. In order to achieve greater effect, apply a top-end basis in two layers.


And, of course, can not forget about fixingtopcoat. It could not be better protects the paint from cracking. The top coat requires constant updating, so they stained nails every 2-3 days.

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