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How to prolong the durability of lacquer


How to prolong the durability of lacquer</a>

A beautiful manicure is an undoubted attribute of a well-groomed woman. However, in the modern rhythm of life, it is not always possible to find time for its renewal and repainting of nails.

In order for the lacquer to last longer, there are special rules for its application, as well as cosmetics that can prolong its durability.



Before applying the lacquer, the nail plate should be degreased. This is necessary for the varnish to be able to fasten well with the nail, which is impossible if there is oil or other substance on its surface.


Polishing nails is also an important stageManicure, as it protects the plate from possible deformations. The smoother the surface of the nail is, the more durable the varnish will be. So be sure to get a polishing nail file.


Keep track of your cuticle. It requires constant moistening and care. For this, there are special means, and also any cosmetic oils can be used for this. Before applying the lacquer, the cuticle must be moistened and removed, otherwise it will quickly peel off.


Nail polish should be applied in a thin layer,So that it does not start bubbling. Cover the nail completely, without forgetting the edges. It is especially important to stain the tips of the nail plate, winding the brush a little under the nail. Thus, you seal the nail well and reduce the likelihood of hooking.


Extend the resistance of the varnish can bePreliminary application of the substrate. Be sure to ensure that the substrate is well dried before applying a colored varnish. To achieve a greater effect, apply the top coat in two layers.


And of course, we must not forget about fixingTop cover. It perfectly protects the varnish from cracking. Topcoat requires constant updating, so paint them nails every 2-3 days.

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