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How to extend the driving license

Driver's license

The driver's license in the Russian Federation law has a validity of 10 years. After this period, a driver's license to be replaced by a new one.

This procedure is simple, if you just follow the instructions and be in possession of the necessary documents.

You will need

  • - Driving license (passed to the traffic police department for the duration of the provision of services) -
  • - Medical certificate (form N 083 / F-89 (available for viewing only (make copies) at the beginning of the service). -
  • - A document confirming the registration of the place of residence (available for viewing only (make copies) at the beginning of the provision of services) -
  • - Identity document (available for viewing only (make copies) at the beginning of the service).



Find out where the local traffic police department at the place of your residence or registration. If you do not live in the area where the driver received certificateYou will need a document on registration at the place of stay. Accordingly, check the work of traffic police department.


Prepare as cash. State duty for issuing a driving license on a plastic base - 800 rubles. The state duty for the issue of a temporary permit - 500 rubles.


All documents listed above should bego to the local traffic police department to find out, in which the window served the citizens of the required you to issue and submit all documents people serving you. We'll have to write a statement on the appropriate form issued by the traffic police.


If you do not have the deprivation of rights or for other reasonsto tighten registration, check for the right of driving you will pass quickly. The employee will issue you a receipt for payment and tell you where it is better to pay for a receipt.


After payment you will need to come back to this window and give the paid receipt. If there are no problems, you will be given a temporary certificate or to the right to obtain new rights.

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