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How to renew a contract


How to renew a contract</a>

The extension of the term of the contract is called prolongation.

The procedure for extending the term is fixed in the special section of the contract.

If the parties did not specify the featuresProlongation, should be guided by articles of the civil code on the termination and amendment of the contract, as well as special regulations on the types of contracts (lease, contract), established business relationships. Prolongation can be carried out by:



Conclusions of the supplementary agreement to the contract. It can provide for:
- action Contract Prolonged for a calendar year or other period.
- the paragraph of the agreement on the validity term should be stated in a new version.
An additional agreement must beThe same form as the main contract. For example, for contracts related to the disposal of real estate, registration in the Rosreestr authorities is required, therefore, for additional agreement on the extension of such a contract, state registration is also required with the payment of relevant fees. The supplement must contain a reference to the contract, the effect of which is extended, the signatures of the competent persons and the seal of the organization. The agreement must be concluded before the expiration of the action Contract.


Directions of written notification of the extension period. When the parties envisaged prolongation Contract By notification, interestedParty, send a letter of the relevant content. In the absence of objections, the contract is considered extended for a new term. Evidence of the direction of notification, as well as evidence of receipt by the other party, should be retained, attached to the contract.


By default, i.e. Without committing legally significant actions. To simplify the renewal procedure Contract The parties may specify in the contract: in the event that, neither of the parties before the expiration of the period of validity Contract It does not announce its termination, it is considered to be extended for a new term.

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