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How to extend the battery life of your mobile device

How to extend the battery life of your mobile device

You can save battery power the phone or tablet, setting a number of parameters that influence the power consumption.

All settings are very simple.



Reduce screen brightness.

The automatic brightness, available atMost phones automatically adjusts screen brightness depending on ambient light and nature of operations performed by the system. However, you can manually even further reduce the brightness of the screen.
Set screen timeout. In some devices have special buttons to turn off the screen, others allow you to programmatically configure lock settings or turn off the display. If possible, you do so that the screen automatically turns off after a minute of inactivity.


Turn off Wi-Fi.

If you are not using the connection Wi-Fi, turn it off. The same applies to Bluetooth.


Turn off or limit the issuance of notifications.

iOS users have to manually do itfor each application. Go to «Settings-Notifications», touch each application that you want to adjust and set the Notification Centre switch to Off. If you're an Android user, disable synchronization of unused services. To do this, go to "Settings", "Accounts" section of the menu and turn off synchronization for all services that are not used.


Minimize the impact of applications and settings, which are currently not needed.

To unload the application memory in iOS environment,Double-touch the Home button. Once on the multitasking tray appears, hold an application icon until the X button Click it to close the application. Users Windows Phon 8 to limit the power consumption of applications can take advantage of a popular function Battery Saver.


Turn on airplane mode.

This mode disables all wireless device interfaces, including cellular, Wi-Fi, Bluetooth, GPS and other location services.


Turn off location services.

This measure will save you a lot of energy and a certain amount of money when traveling abroad.


Turn off the vibrating alert.

Vibrating alert requires a much more seriousenergy costs than an audio signal. If you are there, where you can not prevent other loud sounds, consider temporarily disabling all notification signals.


Do not allow your device too much heated and cooled.

Safe temperature control for electronic devices is in the range from 0 to 35 C. Take necessary measures to protect your phone from temperature extremes.

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