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How to extend the anti-virus action

How to extend the anti-virus action

Anti priori is one of the most important components of computer software.

However, without timely renewal antivirus program ceases to perform its functions and becomes, in fact, useless.



For the renewal of the anti-virusapp you need to purchase a new license for its use. You can do this in two ways - online and offline. Determine which of them would be more convenient for you.


Buy a new license for anti-virus can be onmanufacturer's official website. Do not use for this purpose web sites of unknown origin - purchase keys only for developers. Open using the website of the browser you are using anti-virus develops, and find the link "Renew License". You will be prompted to enter the number of the current license, and indicate for a software product and for how long you want to renew it. Then select the most convenient method of payment (money order, credit card, electronic money, etc.). Paying the license renewal, wait until the specified e-mail address will receive a letter with a new key. Enter it into the corresponding field of anti-virus software and click "Renew" (or "Enable").


Another option is the extension of theAntivirus - office or shop, which disseminates the license keys. Contact one of these representations. The difference compared to the first option would be that in this case, you will get a boxed version of the license. Included will be a CD-ROM with the anti-virus program and the extension of the key. Contrary to popular belief, this option is not worse than the first, as in the past, the company could develop a new version of the software, modify it, to add features. By purchasing a license key extension, you automatically get the opportunity to update the program itself.


Some popular search engines offerthe possibility of free (or at a lower cost) the extension of the anti-virus. When possible, use one of these proposals for the purchase of a new license key.

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