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How to extend battery life

Owners of appliances from portable batteries, sooner or later face the problem that the device is no longer the duration of their suit.

To avoid this, you need to follow a few rules.



If possible, try to follow the rulesBattery operation. The battery is not desirable for a long time stored in a fully charged or discharged condition, this may seriously damage it. If you do not use the device for several months, it is best to keep the battery at a temperature of 20-22 degrees (ambient) and charged with approximately 50 per cent.


Battery capacity may drop if youto use the appliance at a temperature more than 35 degrees. Always check if the battery is charged, so that it is fully charged. Try to fully discharge the battery every few months. Do not buy batteries in advance, they begin to age from the moment of release.


Make sure that the battery contacts are notoxidized, it leads to rapid wear and the heat discharging batteries, clean them if necessary. Under no circumstances do not short-circuit the battery terminals - a fire hazard and can cause the battery completely useless.

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