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How to extend the license for the node

How to renew the license for the node

Anti-virus software protects your computer fromviruses and programs that can cause him irreparable harm. Therefore, the installation of anti-virus software is a must if you want your computer served you for a long time, and the information was available and intact.

But any antivirus program usually has a license that you want to renew.

The same applies to the antivirusnik NOD 32.

You will need

  • - a computer-
  • - brauzer-
  • - the Internet.



How to renew the license for the antivirus program NOD 32? To do this, go to the official website www.esetnod32.ru. Carefully read page. On the page to the right you will see the menu "Product Activation ESET». From the menu, select the tab "License Activation extension."


Before you open a new page, which will beprovides detailed rules for the extension of the license for anti-virus software with a warning about how many computers were purchased license before, for as many personal computers, and it will be extended. Choose the best option license, as the antivirus software plays a huge role on the computer.


Reading the rules, find a footnote "Buyrenewal license "and click on it. A new window opens where you will be offered different versions of antivirus NOD 32, including those on different operating systems. Here we will introduce you with the prices for the program and with the applicable discount. It is worth noting that you can renew your license for one or two years.


Select the product you need,click "Buy." Fill in the form indicating method of payment and e-mail address where the license activation key will be sent. Click "Checkout". Your application is compiled and sent. You just have to make a payment of your chosen method.


You can also get advice onlisted on the site phone. Payment paid by you in any possible payment. Next you come to e-mail a special letter, which will include all the data for license renewal antivirus software. In general we can say that to renew the license of antivirus software is not difficult.

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