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How do I export my favorites

To export favorites

Feature modern browser "Favorites" or"Bookmarks" makes it possible not to remember the links on frequently visited sites and store them directly in the browser, then to one-click access to the right resources.

When you reinstall the system, you must move all the links in the newly installed browser.

You will need

  • - a computer-
  • - Browser.



Export the "Favorites" in the programInternet Explorer. To do this, run the program from the main menu, then click "Add to folder" Favorites ", select" Import and Export ". Export Wizard starts and the import, click the "Next" button in the window that opens.


Select "Export Favorites", clickon the button "Next". Select the folder you want to save the favorite. To export all the links of the favorites, select the top-level folder, click "Next". In the "Documents" folder, a file named Bookmark.htm will be created.


To change the storage location chosen, specify the desired folder, click "Next". In the last wizard, click "Finish" window to complete the preservation of favorite links from Internet Explorer.


Export the "Bookmarks" from the Mozilla programFirefox. To do this, run the program from the main menu, then go to "Bookmarks", select "Manage Bookmarks", then in the new window select "Import and Backup" at the top of the screen.


In this menu, make a backup copy of the bookmarksit can only be opened in the program. Or, select "Export to HTML», in the window that opens, select the location to save the file and its name. Click the "Save" button.


Export bookmarks from Opera program forthis launch the browser, then go to "Bookmarks", select "Manage Bookmarks" option. Click on "File", select "Export Bookmarks Opera». Select where to save the file with bookmarks, then enter a file name and click "Save".


Launch the browser Google Chrome, toexport bookmarks from it. Click on the sign of the wrench, select "Bookmark manager". In the window that opens, click the "Sort", select "Export Bookmarks" option and follow the conservation similar to the previous step.

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