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How to explain the effect of deja vu

How to explain the effect of deja vu

Sooner or later, almost every person has the feeling that here he was, saw it, I said so.

Some moments seem to re-experienced, and we know exactly what will happen in the next minute.

What is the effect of deja vu?

Man says people who do not know, find out the situation of premises, where there was never - the so-called effect of deja vu.
Psychologists describe the phenomenon of deja vu, whenwhich a person experiences a feeling that has been in this situation. Some even can tell you what happens next. It is usually accompanied by a feeling of deja vu unreality. And the person who is in the space of déjà vu, there is confidence that it can predict the future.

Study of deja vu

It has been over 120 years since then, as the effect of deja vu interested seriously. The first turned to its scientific review French psychologist Emil Buarak.
Sigmund Freud called the state of deja vusupernatural and miraculous, but it explained the existence of each person's unconscious desires and fantasies. But Freud disciple Carl Gustav Jung, did not support his teacher. In 12 years, Karl has experienced this effect, and from then until the end of his life believed that living in two parallel worlds.
The facts speak for themselves - the last theorylimited and poor in their explanations of this phenomenon. But modern scholars have asked a question to which no clear answers yet. The ability to explain the phenomenon occurs only when the investigation is carried out and not taken into account the individual facts. But, unfortunately, these multi-faceted research no one produces.
Modern psychiatrists explain how deja vudefinition of mental disorder, which manifests itself very often, it may be in the nature of hallucinations. Besides deja vu in people suffering from diseases of the brain, it manifests itself much more frequently than in healthy people. Therefore, doctors call this effect a memory disorder.
Parapsychologists explain this phenomenonreincarnation, that is, the relocation of the human soul after death, the body of another. But science does not accept this explanation, since it is more a matter of faith, not of facts and evidence.
Whatever version nor put forward aboutexplanations of déjà vu effect, up one can say. This phenomenon - a certain kind of memory impairment associated with biochemical changes in the brain of man. It may be a one-off, it does not prevent a person who has visited, and can constantly pursue him and even have a negative impact on daily activities. After all, almost everything that a man can not explain scares him.

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