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Exfoliated vermiculite in construction

Expanded vermiculite in construction

Expanded vermiculite refers to highly porous, loose, lightweight materials. It is used for thermal insulation and fire protection of buildings.

High fluidity allows filling of hard to fill the voids of various shapes.

Thermal insulation characteristics of vermiculite insulation properties comparable with concrete walls 2 meters thick.

Vermiculite is used to protect surfaces fromoverheating or overcooling, used as insulation vaults furnaces, for sound absorption in cinemas and film studios. Implemented as a filling material or a mixture for the preparation of the mortar. Plaster with a filler in the form of vermiculite refers to a group of "warm" solutions.

vermiculite plaster is applied to an ordinary wall for plasteringtool. Used for fire protection of structures and as plaster, while in the second case including a hydrophobizing solution and other additives.

Fire-retardant efficiency vermiculiteinsulation 4 times higher than a similar parameter sandy solutions. A thin layer of coating in case of fire swells and increases in volume, and the surface of the coal becomes a porous structure with low thermal conductivity.

The material is often used for fire protection of concrete, metal and wooden structures.

Useful properties of vermiculite:

  • chemical inertnost-
  • reflecting sposobnost-
  • ognestoykost-
  • biological stoykost-
  • insulating properties-
  • Sound insulation properties-
  • environmental Safety.

Characterized by a high efficiency of fire plate made of vermiculite and inorganic binder. Produced elements industrial way by hot pressing.

As part of the product is no asbestos, organiccomponents and fibers. Light plates are off, chemically neutral, biological stability and are non-toxic. Vermiculite slabs good cut woodworking tool, installation is carried out by conventional fasteners.

The disadvantage of vermiculite boards is theirability to absorb moisture. Mechanical strength limp filaments elements marginally reduced, so it is advisable to paint or decorate items with plastic panels. After drying, the plate strength characteristics of the product are recovered.

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