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How to expand the memory on your computer


How to expand the memory on your computer</a>

Often, users of a personal computerThere is a need to increase the computer's RAM. Work (or operative) computer memory - Operational Storage Device (RAM) - consists entirely of semiconductor chips (chip chips) and stores this device information only at the time when the computer is turned on.

You will need

  • Computer, motherboard, RAM slots, power



When the power is turned off, the contents of RAM are lost forever. Quite often this memory Is called memoryWith random access (RAM - Random AccessMemory). This storage device is located in the computer on the main (motherboard) motherboard or on the memory expansion kits. Before analyzing and outputting to the monitor, all data is first transmitted to the memory. For example, all scripts and application software files are usually on hard disks.


When you run a program, all of its files are moved (loaded) into the operational memory For further treatment. Also memory Serves temporary storage of data andApplication programs. In principle, the more memory is in the computer, the much more complex programs can work on your PC. The amount of RAM in the computer can be increased by inserting an additional memory card into a special slot on the motherboard, or by attaching additional memory modules to an already installed RAM card.


You can install a RAM board 16MB to the computer, along with the already available 8 MB of memory. You can also put on the empty places of the RAM card of your PC, additional memory chips. Operative memory Necessary for storing any data(Documents) currently processed by the computer. The program currently running, like almost all of the operating systems, is stored and processed in the computer's RAM.
Expand the operational memory Computer can be on four slots, each of which can be from 512 MB to 8 GB.

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