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How to expand the social circle

How to expand the circle of friends

Former classmates got families and can not take the time to go with you to the cafe. Odnokursiniki, after studying, left for their city.

Perhaps you just spread her life - all yourmerry company filed in management, and you, being a staunch humanist, can not penetrate into their world of numbers and sales. Either you have moved to another city, and almost no one do not know.

No matter how it happened, if in the evening you will have no one to sit in the bar and the view recently read the book you share only with his personal diary, an urgent need to expand the circle of communication.

You will need

  • A computer with Internet access, a hobby, a dog.



If you do not have a hobby, you devote yourfree time, remember what you loved to do in his childhood. Perhaps it was crochet, or assembly model airplanes. Sign up for a course! Gain useful skills in favorite business and meet many like-minded people - that they are sitting at the next table and something enthusiastically wizard.


How many stories told about the Dog, whichacquainted with each other for their owners. If you have the desire, get a dog. In each district there is a place where dog lovers love the evening to walk their pets. Feel free to go to him. People interested in your pet and always pull you into their games and conversations. In addition, you can be sure that every night you are bound to meet in a place a friend with whom you can exchange a few words. Dog needs - this thing systematically.


Sign up at the city forum. It is online and not on a dating site - the last people rarely look for friends. Read the forum thread if you are interested in a topic, write their opinions, communicate with virtual interlocutors. Urban forums periodically hold meetings "in real life", and communicated this to the people, you will already know which of them you are interested in.


If a friend invites you to a party, you should not be tired, surly, and then complain that you have a little familiar. Paint the lips, and agree to its proposal.

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