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Among the basic manipulations with photos in graphic editors, one of the most useful actions is the reduction and enlargement of photographs.

Ability to reduce or enlarge the imageWill help you in a variety of situations - to optimize photos and prepare them for posting on the Internet, for the formation of photo collages, for photomontage and much more.

The process of resizing photos is very simple.



First, open the photo in Adobe Photoshop,Selecting Open from the File menu. Then open the Image menu and select the Image Size section. A window opens in which you want to specify the new dimensions of the photo in pixels.


Set the desired width and height of the image. In the Pixel Dimensions item, you set the immediate resolution of the photo, and in the Document Size item you can determine the size of the printed sheet with this image in centimeters.


In the Height and Width fields, enter your values. They are automatically adjusted by the program under the proportions of the photo so that it does not deform and do not stretch if you have a tick in the Constrain Proportions item. Click OK - your photo has been reduced.


You can also change the photo extension fromUsing its automatic optimization for web pages without loss of quality. To do this, open the File menu and select Save for Web & amp; Devices. As a preset, set JPEG High. The same can be done by selecting the JPEG format with Quality High Quality 8 from the File - & gt-Save As menu.


If you do not want to lose the quality of a bitmap, never enlarge the photo from a smaller resolution, otherwise the quality will be seriously affected.


Get a photo of the appropriate qualityIt is possible only if you reduce the resolution, changing a larger photo to a smaller one. If you have a small photo, you will not be able to increase its resolution without pixelation.

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