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How to expand photo

How to expand photo

Among the basic manipulation of the photographs in the graphic editors, one of the most useful action is to decrease and increase in the photos.

The ability to reduce or enlarge the imagewill help you in a variety of situations - for optimizing images and prepare them for placement on the Internet, to form collages, photoshop, and more.

The process of changing the size of photos is very simple.



First, open the photo in Adobe Photoshop,selecting File Open from the menu. Then, open the Image menu and select Image Size. A window opens in which you select a new photo sizes in pixels.


Set the desired width and height of the image. In paragraph Pixel Dimensions you set an immediate resolution of the image, and in the Document Size section, you can determine the size of the printed sheet with the image in inches.


In the Height and Width fields, enter their values. They automatically adjust the proportions of the program under the photos that it is not deformed and stretched, if you have a check mark in step Constrain Proportions. Click OK - your photo is reduced.


You can also change the extension from the picturesvia its automatic optimization for web pages without losing quality. To do this, open the File menu and select Save for Web & amp- Devices. As preset, set the JPEG High. The same can be done by selecting File - & gt- Save As JPEG format with High Quality 8 quality.


If you do not want to lose the quality of the raster image, never increase the photo of a small resolution, otherwise, the quality is seriously affected.


Get a photo of appropriate qualityIt can be used only if you decrease the resolution by changing the bigger picture reduced. If you have a small picture available, to increase its resolution will not work without pixelation.

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