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Exercises to relieve anxiety and stress

Exercises to relieve anxiety and stress

If you feel that now come out of yourself, lose emotional control or do something that does not want to - urgently pay themselves for 10-15 minutes and bring herself to normal.

1. Lie on your back, put his hands along the body, palms up. Zaprokinte head slightly back, eyes close, breathe in through your nose.

2. Keep track of your breath, knowing that breathing through the nose. Completely focus on the breath and not think about anything else. Feel inhale air and exhale a different, more warm.

3. Make a shallow breath and hold your breath for a moment. At the same time sharply tighten all the muscles for a few seconds, trying to feel the tension in the whole body. When you exhale - relax your whole body completely. Repeat 3 times.

4. Lie quietly for 2-3 minutes. Focus on the feeling of gravity of the body. Enjoy a pleasant feeling of relaxation.

5. All ambient sounds enroll in the mind, but not perceive, and did not answer. If you hear a sound, I felt something - check to himself, but not focus, and do not try to deepen.

6. Tighten your legs and send a signal to all parts of the body. After the voltage will be held all over the body - raslabtes and align your breath.

7. Soak a few minutes, breathe smoothly, without delays. Open your eyes and again zazhmurte. Again, open your eyes and stretch like after awakening.

8. Gently and smoothly sit down and get up gently. Try to remember and keep the state of inner relaxation.

After these exercises, you will feel refreshed, full of strength and energy.

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