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EXERCISES to relieve anxiety and stress


Exercises to relieve anxiety and stress</a>

If you feel that you are going to lose your temper, lose control over emotions, or do something that you would not like, take 10-15 minutes to yourself and bring yourself to a normal state.

1. Lie on your back, put your hands along the body palms up. Head slightly tilt back, close your eyes, breathe through your nose.

2. Watch your breathing, realizing that breathe through your nose. Fully focus on breathing and do not think about anything else. Feel like breathing in the air and breathing out another, warmer.

3. Take a shallow breath and hold your breath for a moment. Simultaneously sharpen all muscles for a few seconds, trying to feel the tension in the whole body. When exhaling - completely relax the whole body. Repeat 3 times.

4. Lie calm for 2-3 minutes. Focus on the sensation of the heaviness of your body. Enjoy a pleasant feeling of relaxation.

5. Record all sounds of the environment in the mind, but do not perceive and do not answer. If you hear a sound, feel something - mark to yourself, but do not sharpen your attention and do not try to deepen it.

6. Tighten your legs and pass the signal to all parts of the body. After the tension has gone all over the body - relax and even breathe.

7. Lie down for a few minutes, breathe smoothly, without delay. Open your eyes and squeeze again. Open your eyes again and stretch as after awakening.

8. Smoothly, without jerks sit down and gently stand up. Try to remember and keep the state of inner relaxation.

After these exercises you will feel rested, full of strength and energy.

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