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How to exercise to lose weight

In order to lose weight, it is necessaryto get rid of excess calories in the body. Most often these goals people sit on all sorts of diets that restrict the intake of undesirable substances.

Get rid of excess weight as possible and with the help of exercise.

Start small

If you think you are overweight and want toget rid of it if you've never played sports, you need to be cautious to perform physical exercises. Do not try to set unrealistic goals, assumption of heavy loads will only lead to rapid fatigue and pains in the muscles, it will not contribute to your problem of weight loss.
Before you go to a workout in the gymHall, increase the total daily motor activity. Stop to use public transport, change to the bike or go on foot. Motivate yourself not only because it will help you improve the condition of the body and prepare it for the duration and intensity of physical activity, but also the fact that you save money by not using a car. Perform daily walks at least 20 - 30 minutes. Do not use elevators if they are in your home, only to climb the stairs. If you have the opportunity to replace the chairs balls for fitness, it will help to stimulate your muscles even in a sitting position.


Besides the fact that exercisescardiovascular (cardio) improve blood circulation and increase stamina, they also help to rapidly get rid of the calories available to the body. One of the easiest ways to lose weight that way - take a daily jog, you can do it both outdoors and on the treadmill. If you do not like the monotonous jogging, you can sign, for example, in the section of sports dance or fitness clubs.
Another type of exercise - intervaltraining. They are frequent and sudden shifting of the body from high to lower loads. For example, if you are a runner, combine 10-minute jogging with a 2-minute sprint accelerations. These exercises are very effective for developing endurance and improve the overall condition of the body.

Power training

Exercise associated with increased physicalloads, such as weight training promote rapid fat loss and lean muscle mass operating time. These exercises will also dramatically increase the body's metabolism, which contributes to a more intense burn calories at a time when you just relax. If you want to visit gyms, be sure to use the services of an instructor, he will make you an effective training plan that is suitable for your purpose. You can also do this in the home, doing exercises on simple projectiles (weights, beams, weights, etc.).

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