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How to change an apartment through a court


How to change an apartment through a court</a>

There are many things that people want to change their apartment and leave. The exchange of an apartment depends on which right it belongs to the people residing in it.

If it is impossible to negotiate peacefully, you should apply to the court to make a decision on the change of the apartment. But the court will make only a decision.

The rest of the process of exchanging apartments will be performed by the occupants themselves.

You will need

  • Passport of all residents of the apartment
  • -Providing documents for an apartment or a contract of employment
  • -statement
  • - extract from the cadastral passport and a copy of the explication
  • -Certificate of the birth of children
  • - notification of the guardianship and trusteeship authorities about the change through the court
  • -Report from the house book
  • -Certificate that there is no debt on utility bills
  • -signal of the personal account



It can be privatized, not privatized, and housing owned by several persons.


Apply to the court with a full description of the situation that led you to an attempt to exchange through the courts.


On Flat You need to have title documents or a contract of employment. The updated technical documents with a copy of the explication of the apartment. An extract from the house book, an extract that there is no debt for utility bills.


If the exchange should be made due to the fact that someone from the living tenants drinks, rowdy, this must be documented.


The rights of those who are incompetent are necessarily taken into account,Limited and capable of under-age residents of the apartment. Not only their legal representatives, but also the guardianship and trusteeship bodies should participate in the court session. About the change of the apartment in court these bodies must be warned in writing.


Privatized Flat and Flat, Which is in common ownership, which has a small cubic capacity, is most often exchanged by selling and dividing the funds received between the exchange participants.


If someone from the apartment owners does not giveConsent to exchange, then no court to force him has no right. In this case, only the allocation of shares in kind is possible and the sale or exchange of its share. If it is impossible to single out a share in kind, judicial proceedings on this issue will not yield results.


Not privatized Flat Can be divided only by exchanging for a smaller, not privatized housing. Section by sale and sharing of funds received is not possible until the moment of privatization.

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