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How to exchange an apartment through the courts

How to exchange an apartment through the courts

There are many moments in which people want to change the apartment and disperse. The exchange of apartments depends on what right it belongs to living in her party.

If it is impossible to negotiate peacefully should apply to the court for a decision on the exchange of the apartments. But the court will make a decision only.

The rest of the process of exchange of the inhabitants of the apartments will perform on their own.

You will need

  • -pasport all living in the apartment
  • -pravoustanavlivayuschie documents for an apartment or a contract of employment
  • -statement
  • -extract of cadastral passport and a copy of explication
  • -Certificate of child birth
  • -Notification the guardianship authorities about the exchange of the in court
  • -extract from the house
  • -spravka that there is no debt on utility bills
  • -extract personal account



Exchanged can be privatized is not privatized, and housing owned by several persons.


Apply to the court with a full description of the situation that led you to attempt to exchange through the courts.


On apartment You need to have legal documents or contract of employment. Updated technical documents with a copy of the explication of the apartment. Extract from the house register, a statement that there is no debt for utilities.


If the exchange is necessary to make due to the fact that some of the residents living together drinking, rowdy, it is necessary to provide documentary evidence.


Be sure to take into account the rights of disabled,Limited ability of minors and residents of the apartment. At the hearing should be involved not only their legal representatives, and guardianship authorities. On the exchange of the apartments in the court must notify in writing the data authorities.


privatized apartment and apartmentWhich is in common ownership, which has a small cubic capacity, mostly through the sale and transfer any section of the consideration received between the parties to the exchange.


If one of the owners of the apartment does not giveconsent to the exchange, the no court to force it has no right. In this case, it can only be allocated shares in the nature and sale or exchange of their shares. If the share in kind is not possible to identify, litigation on this issue will not bring results.


Do not privatized apartment It can be divided, only to share a smaller not privatized housing. Section by section, and sale of funds received is impossible to privatization of the moment.

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