Sooner or later, the examinations are overtaken by any schoolboy.

And often not only him, but the whole family at the same time.

The exam itself is a very important moment, sometimes fatal. Therefore, on the shoulders of the schoolchild, who is waiting for the exams, lies a huge responsibility

The environment is worth remembering that for the child it isGreat stress. And do not need to add to it the reasons for the alarm, once again reminding how seriously everything is and how much the exam means. On the part of relatives, the best help will be to provide a calm, comfortable psychological environment in the house. Parents should also observe the regime of work and rest.
It would seem, what to observe - the child is alreadyadult. But in fact, under the influence of stress, some children begin to take extra measures, sitting at the books until the night. This will not bring any fruit, except fatigue and depletion of body reserves. Therefore sometimes it is necessary to apply the parental authority in order to send the child a little rest.
And there are also opposite situations: When the child does not sit down and will not begin to prepare for exams. Perhaps he is very confident in himself. Then parents should invite him to test their knowledge. This will force you to repeat the required material at least a little. Or the child can very lightly take exams. Perhaps he has some problems with setting life goals. Then parents need to sit down and discuss his plans for life.
And there are two options for ending the conversation: Either the child realizes that he needs to pass the exam, or the parents will be convinced that they should not worry, because this exam does not play a role in the fate of the child. Still, the first situation is more common. And then the child, albeit late, rushes to prepare for the exam.
On the eve of the exam, it is better to leave training andGive the body a little breather. Then, at the right moment, all the body reserves will be directed to the achievement of the set goal - the successful passing of the exam.

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