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EVENING Hairstyle: how to create an impeccable image


Evening hairstyle: how to create an impeccable image</a>

In order to make an evening hairstyle yourself, you need to try as hard as possible, because it's not as simple as it might seem at first glance.

At first it is better to choose simple, but spectacular options, the execution of which does not take much time and effort.

For any evening hairstyles, you need a means for styling and fixing hair, hair clips, as well as decorative accessories and hair dryer.

1. & nbsp- & nbsp- & nbsp- Effective styling

Since it's nice to make an evening hairstyle,Which has a clear design in a short time and without the right to error is almost impossible, you can make a very stylish styling. For example, it can be a styling made of hair that visually looks wet. This hairstyle is beautiful on any hair, so, even in the absence of a luxurious mane, you can get an excellent result. However, it is simply impossible to perform this styling without specialized means that create the effect of "laquo-wet hair & raquo-". The technology of laying is the following: the wetted hair is covered with foam, then the strand is curled and carefully dried and only then straightened and fixed with lacquer. So it is necessary to treat all the hair.

2. & nbsp- & nbsp- & nbsp- Baby-style hair style

Very fashionable and fairly simple in performanceIs a hair style in the baby-dollar style. However, it requires additional accessories: small hairpins in the form of bows, as well as rims with bows in romantic tones, for example, pink.

This hairstyle implies an appeal to distant60th years, and absolutely not necessarily the presence of a clear form. To make a haircut, first of all you need to perform hair styling on the back of the head, then volume is important. To do this, you need to lightly brush your hair and fix it using varnish, then the hair on the nape should be beautifully laid. Then you can give the freedom of fantasy: wear a nice pink bezel with a bow, and the ends of the hair dry in such a way that they are wrapped outside, or you can lay your hair in the form of a platen on the back of the head and fix it with pins. In this hairstyle, lovely and slightly funny, like children's hairpins look great, but it is very important that they perfectly match with the outfit and the image as a whole, since the naive style of the baby's dollar does not blend well with classical and strict clothing in dark colors.

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