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Evening care of the body


In today's crazy rhythm of life, women do notAlways manage to look after themselves in the daytime. But this is not a reason to be upset. Night hours are a great time for nature to take care of your beauty! During this period your body is relaxed, time does not run anywhere and you can safely enjoy the action of cosmetic products.

Evening care of the body

Warm bath - the first step of your spa program. Water will not only relax the muscles and soothe the nerves, but also prepare your skin for the procedures. In the bathroom you can use a scrub or body gel, a mask for hair and face, add to the water herbs such as chamomile and sage.

Body care after bath. Massage movements can be applied lotion - it will not only soothe the skin, but also help you sleep better. In addition, the procedures after the bath include the care of hands and feet, behind the face and neck.

Care of hands and feet. Hands first give the age of a woman. But very often ladies do not give to this part of the body enough time to give them their youth and beauty. Most of all, the hands and feet need moisturizing and restoring the water balance for the past day. Acquire special cream, as they include all the necessary components. It is better to apply a night cream and a thick layer, it will restore the necessary amount of moisture to the skin. After applying, wear special socks and gloves made of cotton.

Facial care. For skin care at night you can useNot just the cream. Now on the shelves of pharmacies and shops you can find a lot of serums, moisturizers, bags gels and dark circles under the eyes. The main thing is that the chosen remedy should be at night. In addition, night is an excellent assistant for treating acne, because many products have either a strong odor or an opaque texture, which is absolutely unimportant at night.

Sleep. It is important that during sleep your neck is inCorrect position. You need to buy the perfect pillow for you. During sleep, the head should not be thrown back, but the chin should not be pressed to the chest. With an uncomfortable position of the neck, you not only do not get enough sleep and wake up with headaches, but you can also earn serious diseases.

At home, you can do hot massageStones. It is enough to find a large smooth stone, place it in a bowl with water and aroma oils and let it warm up, then place on the chest and do not take half an hour.

Night is a wonderful opportunity to giveBody charge of health and positive energy for the upcoming work day. Caring for your body, and it will always answer you with reciprocity: a healthy radiance and soft skin.

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