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How to evaluate student work without quantitative marks

Never place the example of the work of one of the pupils

In the first class of quantitative mark set by the teacher, can injure the child and put pressure on him psychologically.

In order not to increase the discomfort growth grader decided to evaluate it is not applying the standard mark.

There are several methods of evaluation workfirst-grader. In the first place, here include self-esteem of the child. However, be aware that not every student is able to adequately assess their activities. The teacher should show an example of a well executed job. But it will never need to put as an example the work of one of the students. This can lead to the collective anger and fight off interest in their studies.
The second and most frequently used methodassessment is the use of images in children's workbooks. Here, the sun represents the mark of five shaded sun - four, and cloud - top three. Or, the teacher puts cheerful and sad smiles, which also corresponds to the quantitative markings.
It occurs as a method of evaluation called"Traffic light". The green color represents the highest grade, the job is done correctly. Yellow color means that the student has learned the material, but inadvertently made a couple of mistakes. Red denotes three or more errors in this case, the teacher should recommend to repeat the material again.
In some classes the teacher may askchildren to evaluate the work of a neighbor's party. We should not fully rely on this assessment. Students likely will not put his friend a negative assessment. You will need to collect the work and make your own verdict.
It should be noted that the training bezotmetochnomevaluated not only knowledge and skills, but also the creative activity of the child, his approach to teaching. That is why this approach is useful to apply in the early grades.

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