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How to evaluate competitors


How to evaluate competitors</a>

Evaluation of the competitive environment - the most important stage in the strategic planning of the enterprise. This work is important not only at the start of the business, but also for a constant analysis of the current situation.

Without such work it is difficult to imagine the existence of a stable and prosperous company.

You will need

  • - the Internet-
  • - reference books.



Make a list of companies involved inSale or production of similar goods or services. This data you can get from the Internet, or from the thematic directories and databases of your city. Information support can also be provided by the Chamber of Commerce and Industry.


Divide the list into several groups. First of all select the neighbors Competitors, Which represent for your companyThe greatest threat. They can produce a very similar product and sell it at the same prices, while monitoring your actions. The most striking example - Pepsi and Coca Cola, which for many years duplicate each other as manufactured products, and advertising policy. In such a situation it is advisable to make the most complete assessment of the neighbors Competitors, Detailing their strengths and weaknesses, advertising moves and potential prospects.


Make a rating of distant Competitors. Make a price chart for each type of product, identify the market share that each of them occupies. Analyze the percentage of sales you lose due to Competitors This type.


Appreciate secondary CompetitorsWorking in a completely different sphere. Strangely enough, for many industries, this kind of competition is the greatest threat. For example, a manufacturer of Swiss luxury watches competes with an automobile concern, since the value of their goods is approximately equal, and the need for them is formed only by the desire of a wealthy client to demonstrate their status.


Use competitive intelligence. If you act within the law, this method will allow you to get the most detailed information about this organization. For example, you can introduce a trainee into a competing company. At the same time, he does not need to share commercial secrets with you and violate the law. Insider data on the company's internal environment will be sufficient for an accurate assessment.

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