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How to evaluate the competitors

How to evaluate the competitors

Assessment of competitive environment - the most important stage in the strategic planning of the enterprise. This work is important not only to start businesses, but also for the continuous analysis of the current situation.

Without such work is difficult to imagine the existence of a stable and prosperous company.

You will need

  • - the Internet-
  • - Reference.



Make a list of companies engaged insale or manufacture of similar products or services. These data can be gleaned from the Internet or from a thematic directories and databases of your city. Information can also help to provide the Chamber of Commerce.


Divide the resulting list into several groups. First select the neighbors competitorsWhich represent for your companythe biggest threat. They can produce a very similar product and sell it at the same prices, while tracking your actions. The most striking example - Pepsi and Coca Cola, which for many years as the overlap of the products, and advertising policies. In such a situation it is advisable to make the most comprehensive assessment of neighbors competitorsDetail examining their strengths and weaknesses, advertising moves and potential prospects.


Make an assessment of distant competitors. Make a price charts for each product, identify the market share occupied by each of them. Analyze what percentage of sales you lose because of competitors this type.


Rate secondary competitorsWorking in a completely different field. Ironically, for many industries it is this competition carries the greatest risk. For example, the Swiss manufacturer of luxury watches competes with automobile concern because the cost of their products is approximately equal to, and demand for them is only formed the desire of wealthy clients to demonstrate their status.


Use competitive intelligence. If you act within the law, this method will allow you to get the most detailed information about the organization. For example, you can embed a competitor trainee. In this case it is not necessary to share with you the secrets of business and thereby violate the law. Insider information on the company's internal environment will be sufficient for an accurate assessment.

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