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How to evaluate antiques


How to evaluate antiques</a>

Evaluation of products is very important when selling antiques. Every owner of antiquity wants to know the real value of his things, so as not to lose out when selling it.

How to determine the cost of antiques?



The antiques market is always the main issueIs the price of an antique product. Each of the items has its own objective value. If you inherited an antique thing, and you decided to sell it, then go to this operation very seriously.


Please note that for collection items there areSpecial catalogs that can be studied on the antique market. Only for you, as a beginner, this work will be very difficult. When working with catalogs, remember that depending on the quality of the item being sold, it is necessary to enter correction factors for its evaluation. The way of taking into account multiple factors in the evaluation is called correlation. But in practice it is usually not used because of its complexity.


Use a simpler method of evaluation: Invite the appraiser to the house. Now there are many companies that offer their services in the evaluation of antiques. For a more accurate assessment, you can invite several appraisers from different companies. Of course, this is not always justified economically, because the cost of appraisers - the service is not cheap. And here you rely only on the experience and knowledge of this antiquary, on his personal competence.


If you are going to sell your antique thingIn the museum, then the following method of evaluation works. Several experts, basing on their professional experience, inspect the thing, confer and state their intended price to the senior of such an evaluation group.


If you have a masterpiece of fine art, then use the analogy method. Based on analogues, determine sales statistics. But here, without an experienced expert, you can not do too


The simplest, but perhaps the most inefficientThe way is to find similar things in antique shops. Walk through all such departments, consider carefully similar items, compare their prices. If such a thing is not found, set the price by eye, as they say "from the ceiling." But especially significantly inflate the original amount, in order not to regret later that they were cheaper.

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