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How to evaluate antiques

How to evaluate antiques

Evaluation of products is very important in the sale of antiques. Every owner of antiques wants to know the real value of your belongings, not to miscalculate when it is sold.

How do we determine the value of antiques?



In the market of antiques is always a major issueis the price of the old product. Each of the items has its objective value. If you inherited a curio, and you decide to sell it, then go to this operation very seriously.


Note that there are items for collectionspecial directories that can be explored on the antiques market. Just for you, as a beginner, this work will be very difficult. When working with directories, remember that depending on the quality of implemented object, you must make the correction factors for evaluation. The method of accounting of multiple factors in the evaluation of the correlation is called. But in practice it is usually not used due to its complexity.


Take advantage of a simpler way to assess: invite appraiser home. Now many companies that are offering their services for evaluation of antiques. For a more accurate assessment can invite multiple evaluators from different firms. Of course, it is not always economically justified, because the cost of appraisers - the service is not cheap. And here you are relying only on experience and knowledge of the antiquarian, his personal competence.


If you are going to sell your antique itemin the museum, there runs the following method of evaluation. Several experts, based on their professional experience, examine the thing, take counsel and speak their estimated price of such senior evaluation team.


If you have a copyright work of art, then use the method of analogy. On the basis of sales statistics, define analogues. But here, too, without an experienced expert can not do


The easiest, but, perhaps, the most inefficientway - is to search for similar items in antique shops. Go over all departments, consider closely similar items, compare prices. If such things are not found, the price set on the eye, as they say "from the ceiling." But especially significant charge up the initial amount to later regret not that bad bargain.

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