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ESTHETICS of borrowing money


Etiquette of borrowing money</a>

Lending money or other things is a personal service.

In most cases, lent money is provided only to reliable persons.

Subject to observance of several basic rules, you should not have problems with lending.

The borrowed money should advance the terms of repayment, if this did not happen, take the initiative into your own hands and discuss the exact terms yourself.

If the signer missed the deadline, it is not worth itKeep silent and wait patiently, it is necessary to remind him of his duty. It will be more polite when recalling to refer to own expenses, which have long been planned. At the same time, the debtor is obliged to apologize and say the exact date of return (if at the moment there is no necessary amount available).

In case if the loan is not dueStipulated, by default the debt must be returned within a month. The debt is not accepted in the envelope and not in small money. If a large sum of money is transferred to a debt, then it is necessary to pay the debt solely face to face. It is advisable not to tell anyone that you have borrowed, what amount and from whom.

When lending, it will be superfluous to receive a receipt. In the receipt it is necessary to indicate completely the full name, passport data, signature and date. In addition, you can make a copy of your passport and put it in your receipt. On any site of the law firm you can find a sample of filling a receipt. Thus, you insure yourself if the debtor changes his mind about returning money.

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