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ETIQUETTE borrowing money

Etiquette borrowing money

Borrowing money or other things - is a service of a personal nature.

In most cases, borrow money available only to trusted parties.

Subject to a few basic rules you should not appear problems with borrowing.

Lend borrow money should pre-negotiate terms of return if it does not, take the initiative in their hands and do Talk about the exact timing.

If you missed the sign return deadline, it is not necessarysilent and wait patiently, it is necessary to recall the duty. Politeness will be reminded when to refer to its own costs, which have long been planned. In this case the debtor is obliged to apologize and say the exact date of return (if at the moment there is no required amount available).

If timing is not when borrowingspecified the default duty must be returned within a month. Give debt it is accepted in the envelope and not small money. If the debt is transferred to a large sum of money, then you need to repay only eye to eye. It is advisable not to tell anyone that you have borrowed money, how much and from whom.

By giving in debt, it is useful to receipt. The receipt must be sure to specify the full name, passport number, signature and date. In addition, you can make a copy of your passport and put it on the receipt. On any site of law firm you can find a sample filling receipts. So you insure yourself if the debtor changes his mind to return the money.

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