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Essential oils

Essential oils - an effective remedy for split ends of hair

Essential oils have been used by women in order to maintain the beauty of hair since ancient times.

These natural products help fight dandruff, repair damage, with regular use of medicinal oils can forget about split ends.

Use essential oils in cosmetology can beany time of year. But most of these funds will be helpful in the cold when the hair suffer from piercing wind, temperature changes, excessive dryness in the premises. All these negative factors detrimental effect on the hair ends. Hair Delamination, which is expressed in the appearance of split ends, require a competent treatment and prevention. A top aide in the recovery fragile, weak hair can become essential oils.

Power split ends essential oils

For the treatment of damaged hair ends oftenjust choose the essential oils of geranium, rosewood, ylang-ylang, sandalwood, mandarin and chamomile. But they are not used in pure form, but as a part of masks, balms, or mixtures of different kinds of oils.
All the above mentioned essential oils have differentproperties, however these products are generally intended to improve hair condition. Valuable components included in the natural "medicine" to help achieve the restoration of locks, strengthening them.

Essential oils are highly volatile, not only beneficial to the appearance of hair, but the hair and give a delicate flavor.

Essential oils are able to penetrate rapidly intostructure of the hair and scalp. When the oil in the masks must be remembered that it is necessary to maintain the mixture for at least 40 minutes. For the therapeutic action of the mask with essential oils do at least twice a week, for preventing enough to repeat the procedure once a week.
When the essential oils in the oil mixtureagainst split ends in the base oil was added to five drops of to a tablespoon of the basics. Base oils can serve as avocado, pumpkin, sesame seeds, sea buckthorn, corn, olive, burdock. Practice and the addition of oils in the portion of shampoo, cream to facilitate rasschesyvaniya immediately before washing the head.

Recipes with essential oils

To repair damaged hair beauticiansaromaraschesyvanie recommend the use of essential oils. To do this, a comb made of wood or natural bristle brush is applied a few drops of sandalwood oil, rosewood, geranium, or any other suitable for your hair type composition. Regular aromaraschesyvanie strengthen the hair, making them well-groomed and give relief from split ends.

Use essential oils is even at absolutelyhealthy hair, to protect them from drying, sunlight and wind. Preventive action oils will make the curls docile, easier combing.

Reduce display of split ends will helpabundant applying to the tips of the hair oil of ylang-ylang or other means half an hour before shampooing. Repeat this procedure several times can be, its purpose - to protect hair from the adverse effects of shampoo, chlorinated water, to prevent splitting tips.
Highly volatile oilsYlang-ylang is used for reducing the effective masks - two drops means a drop of rosemary and basil oil mixed with two egg yolks. The mixture was applied over the entire length and kept under good warm compress the film for half an hour and towels. Special benefit of such a mask will need to be strengthened if the hair after application of the paint.

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