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Essential oils


Essential oils - an effective remedy for split ends of hair</a>

Essential oils have been used by women to maintain the beauty of hair since ancient times.

These natural products help fight dandruff, restore damage, with the regular use of medicinal oils you can forget about split ends.

Use of essential oils in cosmetology is possible inAny time of the year. But especially these funds will be useful in cold weather, when the hair suffers from piercing wind, temperature drops, excessive dryness in the premises. All these negative factors have a destructive effect on the tips of the hair. Stratification of hair, expressed in the appearance of split ends, requires competent treatment and prevention. Essential oils in the improvement of fragile, weak hair can become the main helpers.

Power split ends with essential oils

For the treatment of damaged hair ends more oftenIn total choose essential oils of geranium, rosewood, ylang-ylang, sandalwood, mandarin and chamomile. But they are used not in pure form, but in the composition of masks, balms or mixtures of various types of oils.
All of the above essential oils have differentProperties, but in general these products are aimed at improving the condition of the hair. Valuable ingredients that are part of the natural "medicine" help to restore the restoration of curls and strengthen them.

Essential oils, which have a high volatility, not only have a beneficial effect on the appearance of hair, but also give the hair a delicate aroma.

Essential oils can quickly penetrate into theHair structure and scalp. When you include oils in the composition of masks, you need to remember that it takes at least 40 minutes to withstand the mixture. For therapeutic effect, masks with essential oils are made at least twice a week, for prevention it is enough to repeat the procedures once a week.
When including essential oils in oil mixturesDo not add more than five drops of a substance to the table spoon of the base against the split ends of the base oil. Base oil can serve as avocado oil, pumpkin, sesame, sea-buckthorn, corn, olive, burdock. Practice and the addition of oils in a dose of shampoo, cream to facilitate the combing immediately before washing your head.

Recipes with essential oils

For the restoration of damaged hair beauticiansRecommend the use of aromatherapy with essential oils. To do this, apply a few drops of sandalwood oil, rosewood, geranium or any other suitable composition for your hair type to a comb made of wood or natural bristles. Regular aroma-cleansing will strengthen the curls, make them well-groomed and give relief from split ends.

Use essential oils is even with absolutelyHealthy hair to protect them from overdrying, sunlight, wind. Preventive action of oils will make curls obedient, will facilitate their combing.

Reducing the manifestation of the visited ends will helpAbundant application of ylang-ylang oil or other remedies on the tips of hair for half an hour before washing your hair. Repeat this procedure can repeatedly, its purpose - to protect hair from the adverse effects of shampoo, chlorinated water, preventing the splitting of the tips.
Highly concentrated essential oilsYlang-ylang are used for effective regenerating masks - two drops of the drug are mixed with two egg yolks by a drop of rosemary and basil oil. The mixture is applied over the entire length and is kept under a good warm compress of film and a half hour towel. A special benefit from such a mask will be if you need to strengthen the hair after applying the paint.

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