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FEATURES color choices for your garden

Features color choices for your garden

For a large number of people villa - is the ability to abstract from the bustle of the city and regain their strength in the bosom of nature.

To effect was maximum, it is necessary to cottage pleasing to the eye.

Making it with flowers - one of the best ways to achieve this goal.

Beginners and experienced gardeners are very passionate about notonly the result but also the very process of growing flowers at his dacha. First we need to choose the right plant varieties, which also has a lot of subtleties. It is not enough just to buy any seeds, you first need to mentally assemble them into a composition in color and texture.

It is important to pay attention to the periodflowering plants of each variety, so that from the beginning of the season until late autumn cottage was colorful. If you do not comply with this recommendation, it is very high risk, get a riot of colors in June and very boring flowerbed in August.

You should choose those varieties and species of plants,which differ ruggedness, resistance to disease, pests, drought resistance and not too high standards in terms of growth. Such flowers are ideal for cottages.

The range of colors to give

When choosing colors it is important to bear in mind that the mostundemanding plant for the garden can be annual, biennial and perennial. Annual and biennial flowers will grow only where you put them. These colors include zinnias, asters, petunias, alyssum and eschscholzia.

Perennial flowers unpretentious, beingonce planted, many seasons will delight their flowering and appear annually in different parts of your site. The most popular of these plants are lilies, peonies, clematis, roses and gladioli.

Once you have chosen the plants, it is necessarydecide how to plant flowers in the country, so that they looked favorably. You can do this randomly, but you can select flowers beds at a certain distance, so that all the neighbors were amazed at the cottage this beauty, and you were filled with pride for your site that will delight you with each visit.

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