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HOW cast away envy?

How to cast away envy?

Envy - a heavy feeling that deprives the person the opportunity to build a life for their scenario. Get rid of jealousy is very difficult.

You can deceive yourself, driving aggression in the holy of holies - in his own soul.

What if we use the energy that is spent on envy, in a peaceful and constructive purposes?

To send all the aspirations associated with envy, at his own good?

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black envy

Envy - a threat for anyone jealous, butwoe to those who are experiencing this difficult and painful feeling. A person experiencing jealousy, upset the slightest signs that someone is doing better than his. Someone smarter, someone prettier, someone in the family more than wealth, someone has a good happy family, and someone succeeded in professional activities or has made a career ... Envy always chooses something good for themselves, but - strange. The envious man deprives himself of the opportunity to enjoy. Someone else's happiness makes him a painful irritation, hatred. The envious person is just waiting, and when, finally, you can gloat over someone's bad luck, glad someone else's mistake, which will be swollen to impossible dimensions, or stupid illogical act, a quarrel between lovers, the collapse of a strange career and normal human grief. Envy in the form of neglect - it is the wish of evil and desire for dirty intrigues and gossip, the dream destroy what causes inner suffering from an envious person. Sometimes it is a sense of black man pushes on meanness, betrayal, crime against conscience. So envious lays "time bombs" in his own life and psyche. It is no secret that evil desires come back to us in the form of bad consequences. Whether we like it or not - the universe returns to us both good and evil, increasing it several times.

There is a downside: envious devote their thoughts and lives of others is not engaged, will not build, and sometimes destroys your life. Envious people - losers, because they feel like failures and take themselves as losers. In the words of envious not only anger, bile, an exaggeration of others flaws, but also to its own internal constant pain from what life on human opinion, eaten up with envy, he was something nedodala.

How to deal with this disease?

  • Achieve success! This will increase your self-esteem. Inferiority complex - the main flaw in the envious. It is good to understand themselves, to understand what is missing to be completely happy. And draw the envy of their advantage. Make the effort and change their lives for the better. Someone knows a foreign language and get a good job. And who prevents to do the same? Someone successfully got married. Why not stop to follow the others and do not do them seriously - to clean up inside and outside, to seek a suitable partner?
  • Stop evaluate others. Do not divide life into black and white. Life is much more difficult! Jealous of someone, you see only what you "show", but can not see the other side. At the girlfriend handsome charming husband? But you are not aware of how she was crying into my pillow at night knowing about his infidelity and flirting on the side. Someone has a good job and high salary, but you do not suspect that because of the surge of nerves and the man long lost sound sleep and he developed impotence, of which you will not say his smiling wife. Remember: everyone - happiness. And everyone - his grief, often hidden from prying eyes.
  • Stop respond to someone else's bragging. Bragging is usually inherent in the people, it is notconfident, suffering from feelings of insignificance. They try to fill his worth to conceal from others their fears and sense of infringement of lack of attention. And you take it at face value.
  • Consider who you are jealous.Try to understand what causes envy. They say that your price is in the society is not higher than your opponent, you are jealous. Try to ignore the details. Choose the bar higher. Envy Marilyn Monroe! Try to be as charming, feminine. Envy Schwarzenegger! In the end, to find the time to visit gyms is not as difficult as it seems. But in the end - even if your body and not become as powerful, but in the eyes of your ranking will increase significantly.
  • Cultivate a skill thanks life, parents, loved ones, God finally oversmall and great joy, for everything that happens to you. Thanks - a counterbalance to envy, which involves implicit and explicit claims to the world and people. You made a mistake? Fine, but you have learned to circumvent these pitfalls. With each step you gain experience, become more intelligent, quick-witted, deeper. Work on yourself. And envy depart from you, giving way to self-esteem, success and positive outlook on the world.
  • Get rid of useless habits compare yourself with others. They have - their own life, you - it is no lessunrepeatable and unique. It should be understood once and for all: you can never become so, what are the people to whom you are jealous. It - their place. It should not be like someone else, and the best, the only one of its kind. Wink the qualities that are inherent for you, to polish its greatest strengths, abilities and inclinations.
  • And most importantly: do not forget that you are unique! You should not chase after other people's feelings,success and social status. Life has prepared for you a place just as good. The main thing - to be ready for him to be worthy of this place, to feel out of place easily and freely, naturally. And for this it is necessary not so much: to be myself, to seek support, terms of success in life and creativity - in itself. After all, in the words of the unforgettable Oscar Wilde: "Be yourself, other roles are already taken."

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