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Equips a safe place, or make repairs without repair

Equips a safe place, or do the repair without repair

In the arrangement of a rented apartment not worth it to spend money, because in the end, you change the place of residence.

But to make it more comfortable without the high cost worth it, because in a clean apartment, equipped according to their own taste, to live is much nicer.

1. Before moving do cleaning. Of course, other people's dirt with their hands do not want to clean up, but it is necessary to steel himself and all good wash (by the way, if you do not have time to wash, you can hire a cleaning lady). After cleaning, a new home will come much nicer. Throw out the trash that was left by the previous tenants, as well as the landlady things that have served their time.

Attention! All changes that you leave afterthemselves, whether repair or desire to throw other people's things, it is necessary to notify the owner of the apartment and get his permission. If permission is not obtained, it will probably have to recover all at their own expense.

2. Start with decorating the hall - a bright new place mat, hang a mirror at the entrance. All this, if it becomes a pity to leave when you move, you can take with you to a new home.

3. If the condition of the room and the kitchen quite sad, but on a well maintained housing is no money, change the wallpaper. They give a clean, well-groomed house, while at the wallpaper cost can be very low, if not choose the most expensive option. Well, you can pokleit and with his own hands.

4. Make the kitchen a much more comfortable and cleaner will change or countertops at least apron, located near the plate. It is not very costly event, and the effect is striking. Of course, replace the apron or countertops need to negotiate with the landlord.

5. Change the linens. This is another element that creates the mood and comfort in the room. Buy bright curtains, put a couple of pillows on the sofa-dumok in unusual pillowcases, fluffy blanket. Decorate the chairs with special floor mats, which are colloquially called sidushkami (as they can be, for example, to bind their hands of the bright thread or old T-shirts), and put a large tablecloth on the table. On the floor, you can also put a few small bright rugs (small mats can be found at a very affordable price, and even make their own hands).

6. Try to make the hands of any piece of furniture or decor. Even unusual picture frames, not to mention the coffee table to attract the attention of visitors, and no one will see the worn linoleum in the hallway or the old table in the kitchen.

7. Remember - this stuff is not stuff. Photos within, vases, and other interior "toys" give individuality to the interior, distract attention from the repair deficiencies.

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